What Does A Self Luminous Exit Sign Do?

What Does A Self Luminous Exit Sign Do?

When it comes to the environment one problem that persists is the excess burning of fossil fuels that power our homes and businesses through helping to generate electricity. A relatively new product that has been created to help solve this problem is self luminous signs that have the potential to be used for a broad range of applications. The reason this form of lighting is a solution to the problem is that these signs do not need electricity in order to run.


How Self Luminous Exit Signs Work

They are self powered through low powered radioactive isotopes that are self lighting because of the radiation process. The gas compound that is used in this lighting process is called tritium and it is and isotope of helium. Tritium is pumped into glass tubes that are shaped into letters in order to make a self luminous sign. Though this technology has a broad range of uses the main use that it is used for now is for exit signs. Self luminous exit signs are currently being used by a variety of establishments in order to lower electricity costs and to make these establishments more efficient in the process.

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Businesses That Use Self Luminous Exit Signs

These self luminous exit signs are used for a variety of businesses including for construction and for those businesses that require office space in a building. Since the sign is self luminous through using tritium they can be used in places around a building that would benefit from having less electricity such as where fires could result from the use of electricity. In addition the signs make buildings cost effective and more efficient while lowering the cost of electricity. They can be installed by a maintenance crew as well so if you decide that these signs should be in your building you will not have to use an electrician and this can lower costs further.

Benefits of Self Luminous Exit Signs

Other benefits of using this type of sign besides the fact that they are safer to use include the fact that they can be used in both wet and dry circumstances where as some electrical signs cannot. They are compliant with any building or government code regulating lighting conditions as well. Investing in this technology for your purposes is thus not only a smart investment but a safe one too.

Self Luminous Exit Signs Lifespan

Self illuminating exit signs are one of the best technologies to come about is recent years and the fact that they last for years longer than many light sources is a plus. The average tritium powered light source will last for up to 10 years and this means that it may pay for itself if you decide to purchase it. In addition you can also refill many self luminous signs in order to help them run up to twice as long. They will run both day and night without shutting off so no matter when you need them they can help you to be safe at work and ensure the safety of others. This is why they work so well for exit signs and this is also why many businesses have started to use these instead of traditional electrified signs.

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