Where Can I Purchase a Self Luminous Exit Sign?

You probably don't notice them, but they're everywhere! Of course I mean exit signs, which must be installed inside any business that requires people (employees or customers). And that's pretty much everywhere.

The only exit sign in existence that literally goes anywhere is the nuclear self powered exits sign. These non-electrical markers are self powering, using an illumination method that combines radioactive tritium gas with phosphor-coated vacuum tubes. The result is a brilliant illumination green glow that is "always ON" for a period of 1-2 decades!  That's 10-25 years of constant, reliable exit illumination.


Where Can I Purchase Self Luminous Exit Signs?

The tritium contained in these self powered exit signs poses less danger than a home smoke detector. However the H3 isotopes in the tubes have a faint radioactive signature, making them much harder to distribute and sell than electrical models. That is why very few brick-and-mortar stores carry them.

The other problem is that tritium has a defined half-life that begins the second it is sealed within the tubes. The longer they are stored on a shelf, the less accurate their listed lifespan becomes. Imagine buying a cheap 10 year sign only to find it dimming after only 8 years of use.

That is why your best choice is to go with a trusted online resource.

Advantages of Working With the Self Luminous Exit Signs Company 

  • Guaranteed OSHA compliant
  • Knowledgeable sales staff fluent in UL, NFPA and federal exit sign laws
  • Include a 5 year replacement warranty that protects you from costly replacements
  • Great deals on double-sided signs
  • Great deals on recycling and replacement of dead signs
  • Toll free support 24 hours per day, 7 days per week via our support staff

And worried about energy efficiency? These babies will use ZERO watts of electricity during their long lifespan. And we will remain right there with you from start to finish, providing the support you need to pass the next 20-years of inspections.

I'm Ready To Buy Nuclear Exit Signs. What Should I Do?

Our affordable nuclear self powered exit signs include a 5-year warranties and use only the highest quality tritium and materials. Give us a call anytime for customer support / free technical assistance at 800.379.1129 or email us sales@selfluminousexitsigns.com

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