Where To Buy Self Luminous Exit Signs

Shopping Around for Exit Signs

You probably know that self luminous exit signs are the most versatile exit fixture out there. 

However, these self powered exit signs can be a tricky appliance to find in physical stores. That is because only a few manufacturers make them, and it is impossible to order a sign direct from the factory.

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However, buying online has many distinct advantages, and some disadvantages, when it comes to getting these very important fixtures to your doorstep. If you still have questions or would rather speak to a live representative, call us at 800-379-1129 or send us an email.

Online Self Luminous Exit Signs

Some of the many advantages to buying online include:

  • Modern search engines like Google and Bing have filters that promote honest companies and punish dishonest ones.
  • Easily compare prices and products.
  • SLES Co. has lower prices than physical stores.
  • Our company is ran by exit sign specialists who know the subject intimately.
  • SLES Co. and a few other vendors have inside connections with manufacturers and tritium disposal agencies. We can actually speed up your rush orders in some cases.
  • Consumer reports quickly tell you if an on-line business is legitimate.
  • The widest selection of exit sign fixtures
  • Full customization options.
  • Streamlined tritium disposal services.

Here are some of the disadvantages:

  • You can't see the vendor in person.
  • You can't physically see or touch the fixture until it has arrived.
  • Delivery can take between 3 days or 3 weeks depending on the complexity of the order.

Going to the Hardware Store

Even we will admit there are some advantages to going with physical stores:

  • Instant gratification.
  • Talk to employees in person - at major home improvement centers, you'll find senior employees who still know a thing or two about electrical appliances.

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And the disadvantages…

  • Higher unit costs - cannot be negotiated even with bulk orders.
  • Only stock generic exit signs.
  • Senior employee helpers often busy with other customers.
  • Your money will support a multi-national conglomerate. None of your money will be recycled back into the community.

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