Why a Self Luminous Exit Sign?

Why to Use Self Luminous Exit Signs

Self Luminous exit signs are essentially used at closed halls like cinema halls and theatrical auditoriums. This is essential because these exit signs can work excellently to help people getting out of the closed dark hall in case an emergency erupts. In fact, these exit signs are pretty useful even in normal situations because they help people move out even in dark.


Normally, electric exit signs are used for this purpose but these exit signs are not so reliable for emergency management. Hence, the modern technique of tritium exit signs is gaining popularity.

Self Luminous exit Signs are better

Electric exit signs will stop working in case of electric failure but self illuminating tritium exit signs do not require electricity and hence they offer service in any situation. During an emergency due to accidental fire, it may become necessary to put off all the electricity to avoid greater damage. Electric exit signs will stop working in such situation but tritium exit signs will keep offering help for people to get direction towards exit door.

Costs of Electrical Exit Signs

Electric exit signs essentially need proper electric wiring but such electric wiring may itself become a cause of accidental fire due to electric short circuit or spark. Such short circuit will immediately put the electric exit sign off. In case of tritium exit sign, no such short circuit is possible because there will be no electric wire.

Non-Electrical Tritium Exit Signs

Since tritium exit signs do not use electricity, they help in reducing your electricity consumption and hence your expenditures for electric bill. This is one of the major reasons for the increasing popularity of self luminous exit signs because tritium exit signs help in checking and reducing carbon footprints. Self illuminating tritium exit signs are thus more reliable, more durable, green, and cheaper option for emergency management. In addition, self illuminating exit signs do not require electric bulbs. In case of electric exit signs, it will be necessary to regularly check the electric bulbs and replace them with new bulbs right when they get fused. This actually increases the maintenance cost too much. However, maintenance cost of self luminous exit signs is almost zero.

Safety and Disposal of Self Luminous Exit Signs

It is important to keep the screen of self illuminating exit signs clean so that the dirt and dust deposited may not reduce the shine of the glow. Another issue with tritium exit signs is the radioactive tritium which is toxic in nature. However, tritium is not as dangerous as other radioactive materials are. Unlike radium, tritium isn’t a carcinogen and it doesn’t cause cancer. Yet, tritium is a lethal toxic and if inhaled or ingested, it may cause sudden death. This is why it is necessary to dispose the used tritium exit signs safely after their lifetime is over.

Self luminous exit signs can be safely and easily disposed off with the help of shopkeepers who sell these exit signs. Most of the shopkeepers offer tritium disposal help free of cost if you decide to buy a new tritium exit sign as a replacement.

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