Why Would a Business Need A Self Luminous Sign?

Why Would A Business Need A Self Luminous Sign?

The self luminous sign is one that is powered by tritium which is an isotope of the element helium that is in its radioactive form.  The tritium gas is pumped through glass tubes that are in the shape of letters (usually an exit sign).  Though the gas may be radioactive it is a weak radioactive compound which is not dangerous to humans or animals.  Some other radioactive compounds are dangerous  and this is because gamma rays from radiation can rip through human cells if they are powerful enough.  One of the main differences between self luminous signs and electrified ones is that the self luminous version does not need an electric charge in order to make it shine brightly.  The radioactivity of the tritium ensures that it glows by itself until the substance decays.


Exit Signs Are Required By State And Federal Law

As government safety standards imply that a luminous exit sign needs to be installed in public places everywhere in the US, the self luminous exit sign has a broad range when it comes to business.  In addition to this the exit sign has to be lit at all times that a facility is being used by the public and it must also remain laminated even if the power is off in a building.  This is to guard against the dangers of not being able to find your way out of a building in the event of a blackout.

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Though many exit signs that are used commercially are the kind that use electricity many companies have decided to switch to the self luminous kind because they often last longer and are easier on their finances in the long run.  This is because these types of exit signs can save you a costly electric bill every month and they do not cost as much to install as traditional signs.  In addition the sign does not need maintenance as much as other types.

Self Luminous Exit Sign Lifespan

A typical tritium based sign usually lasts for about 10 years on average but it can last even longer if it is filled with tritium more than once.  15 and 20-year lifespan self luminous exit signs are available and popular for buildings that will be occupied more than 10 years. The reason the sign lasts for as long as it does is because the radioactive isotope that powers it has a long half life and thus takes a long time to break down completely.  As the tritium continues to decay after the first time it is manufactured the illumination that it has will diminish until it is lower than government standards allows.  When this occurs the sign is said to be unusable without incurring regulatory fines.

Self Luminous Exit Signs Can Be Used Anywhere

The businesses that this type of sign can be used for range from construction to any type of office work. They help people to get through public areas that they may not know very well as well as get out of a building in the case of an emergency.  As the electrified signs that many establishments use can be very inefficient the self luminous sign is one that can increase safety and building efficiency.  This is a very beneficial thing for any business in terms of cost and functionality. 

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