Wiring Self Luminous Exit Signs

How To Wire a Self Luminous Exit Sign

When you receive your self luminous exit sign in it's nice little box, what you'll find inside the packing is pretty simple.

You'll have the self powered exit sign, fully built and put together to the specs you requested. Then there will be an aluminum bracket for either single or double sided mountings. All the fastening hardware will be included, and there may even be a special locking tool if you bought vandal proof frames.

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But where the heck is the wiring? You search and search around the sign and not a single lead point, plug-in or battery box can be discerned. So how do you wire this exit sign?

No Wiring Required

Unlike most exit signs in existence, self-luminous fixtures operate without any electricity or outside charging. Hence the word 'self' in 'self-powered.'

And unlike it's glow in the dark cousin, the photoluminescent exit sign, SL's don't require any ambient light to keep it's glowing elements charged.

But like the photoluminescent signs, these amazing signs can withstand the harshest outdoor conditions, operate in extreme cold and can even work when submersed in water!

Advantages of Non Powered Signs

Not sure if your city's buildings department or other concerned agencies will accept self powered exit signs?

Not to worry! They meet or exceed every requirement that electric signs must meet, including:

  • UL 924 listed for US and Canada
  • 2-5 year warranty
  • Energy Star Certified
  • Complies with NFPA 101: Life Safety Code
  • Acceptable viewing distance throughout the US and Canada

Installing Your Exit Sign

There won't be any need to turn the exit sign on, because it will already be glowing. If you observe the sign during the day or when there is a lot of ambient light, you might not see the glow. However, look very closely and you'll see the faint green lines in the 'exit' lettering.

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The best test is to turn the lights off or go into a closet. In total darkness you will really see what these babies can do! You'll be bathing in the bright green light of your exit sign; just think how your employees will need this green glow during an emergency.


If you still need some assurance, call the exit sign pros at SLES. We're open 24/hours, 7 days a week and always toll free. Call 800-379-1129 or email our production staff.

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