Abandoned Self Luminous Exit Signs

Abandoned Self Powered Exit Signs

The NRC (Nuclear Regulatory Commission) strictly prohibits abandonment or unauthorized disposal of self luminous exit signs. This is mainly due to the tritium-phosphor glass tubes that, if broken, pose a small radioactive hazard to personnel.


But some locations like schools, prisons or other public institutions that utilize SL signs are prone to unpredictable vandalism. Though the signs themselves are highly resistant to impact and tampering, the fixtures can be pried off of their surface with improvised tools.

Proper Self Luminous Exit Sign Disposal

In the past we have received calls from people who are neither customers nor building managers. They were just ordinary citizens who happened across a self powered exit sign lying on the ground or in the trash. Being diligent members of society, they immediately recognized the radioactive symbol but had trouble contacting the manufacturer due to incomplete or removed labeling.

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After a quick internet search, these concerned citizens found us. We offer tritium powered exit sign disposal services to anyone, not just customers and not just for our vendors. This is because we care about the saturation of tritium in our unprotected landfills and the effect it has on ground water.

If you find an abandoned self-luminous sign, call SLES toll-free, anytime 24/7 at 800-379-1129 or send us an e-mail. Just make sure to also contact the building superintendent so they can call the NEC if the sign is damaged.

Going With NEC Approved Vendors

Currently the NEC has increased their disposal standards for hazardous waste, which has lead to the consolidation or closing of most disposal brokers doing business in North America. This has caused the few remaining brokers to become severely back-ordered.

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Since demand is high and vendors are low, the price of tritium disposal has gone up. Luckily we have maintained relations with the sales teams of the most well known brokers. So we are charged their original lower service fees, which we pass on to our customers.

If the labeling on the sign is still intact, you can call the original manufacturer to walk you through the disposal process, though they generally charge more than SLES.

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