About Self Luminous Exit Signs

About Self Luminous Exit Signs

Self Luminous Exit signs are those that are powered through putting tritium gas into glass tubes.  This gas is an isotope of helium that is radioactive, and when it is in a glass tube it displays light in brilliant color.  The gas is radioactive but it is not dangerous.  The process of radiating the gas can be dangerous to humans if they are exposed because gamma rays kill all cells in the body that they transit, but since tritium is at a low power it cannot go through the human skin and do harm.


Self Luminous Exit Sign Construction

In order to make a self luminous sign the manufacturer bends a tube of glass into a specific shape and then pumps the tritium gas into it.  This process is very similar to the neon signs that we see inside of bars or on trendy store buildings.  Though it can be significantly more expensive to make a self luminous exits sign the advantage is that they can glow by themselves and without requiring electricity.  This means that they can be used without the cost of electricity and thus the self luminous sign can pay for itself if enough time passes by eliminating this cost.

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Self Luminous Exit Sign Popularity

The reason that this type of sign is so popular in today’s markets is that it can be used for a lot of different purposes.  Since the sign requires no electricity one benefit is the sign does not have to be installed by an electrician and thus you can hang it by yourself.  This type of sign also has a broad range of applications for construction sites and other places that require safety regulations such as your business.   In addition to this the signs do not die for many years and can be left on for 24 hours a day.  In fact they cannot be turned off and this can ensure the safety of visitors or personnel to your company at all hours of the night.

Self Luminous Exit Sign Lifespan

In terms of the lifespan of the self luminous exit sign, it generally can last up to about 20 years at a time.  This presents a big benefit to those who are looking to bring down the cost of electricity to their building in the long term.  In addition to this most electrified exit signs only last for about 10 years at best so you are getting even more use (about 10 years more) out of a self luminous one.  The factor that contributes to the long lifespan of these signs is the half life of the tritium in them.  The gas breaks down through the process of radioactive decay which causes it to both glow and die over the period of time that the decay process occurs.

Even when the isotope decays completely if more tritium is added into the sign then you can get it to glow for a longer period of time. If you want to purchase one of these signs for your building or personal use then there are many resources that can help you to accomplish this including many stores online. 

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