AMC Theaters Use Self Luminous Exit Signs

Cinematic Exit Signs

American Multi Cinema (AMC) Theaters is now the second larges theatre chain in North America and is only behind Regal Entertainment Group. AMC is part of the United States' three major national cinema chains. They also use our self luminous exit signs exclusively.

Founded in 1920, AMC has developed a comprehensive tritium exit sign program for the management of over 300 theatre sites. This program has been adopted into their Theatre Operations Manual and every manager is well versed in self powered exit sign handling and disposal.


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As of 2009, AMC has 301 U.S. theaters across 30 states. 160 of those facilities use SL signs to light their exits. AMC has worked with the NRC on their Tritium Exit Sign Program, which is a great example of a large company's efforts to track it's inventory of over 12,000 self luminous exit signs.

Self Luminous Exit Sign Mitigation

All SL signs that are to be replaced in AMC outlets are documented by the NRC, including:

  1. Transfer notification letter to NRC
  2. Signed DOT Hazmat Training and Acknowledgement
  3. Shipping manifests with tracking information
  4. Copy of the RGA from our tritium disposal facility
  5. Transfer document including:
    • Manufacturer's name
    • Model No.
    • Dates
    • Activity
    • Site name
    • RMA No.
    • Contact info

AMC's Exit Sign Discrepancy Rate

AMC proves that even a valiant effort to track 12,000 tritium powered exit signs can still be an insurmountable task, even with the appropriate resources allocated.

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The 160 theaters using SL signs that were acquired or built between 2002-2006 were contracted out to construction companies, many of which have incomplete records regarding the acquisition of exit signs. This has caused some outlets to have as many as 10 exit signs unaccounted by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

Plans Taken to Locate Missing Signs

AMC has been actively contacting their contractors to obtain as much in the way of order histories and correspondence with the NRC. Unfortunately some of these contractors failed to educate their workers about the importance of tracking and notifying the NRC.

For their existing theaters, AMC's revised Tritium Exit Sign Program will eliminate all further discrepancies henceforth, educating all employees about self-luminous technology. Managers will be held accountable for properly maintaining, tracking and documenting their signs. Their hope is to reduce the amount environmental impact caused improperly disposed self powered exit signs.

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