Are Self Illuminated Exits Good for Safety?

Are Self Illuminated Exits Good for Safety?

If you are a person that is in need of a safe and cost effective alternative to electric powered exit signs then you should look no further than self luminous exit signs for your establishment. They can be used by a range of different businesses and buildings because the actual signs can be made to spell out anything thus increasing its possibilities. These signs are powered by tritium which is a gas that is made naturally in the atmosphere and that does no harm to humans. Though the gas needs to go through a radiation process in order to appear as bright as it does, the substance uses low grade radiation which will not penetrate the human skin in the least bit. This makes it safe for anyone who comes in contact with the sign or the gas that is trapped inside of it. The implications of this technology are also far reaching. In addition to being used to light exit signs many hope that it can also be used for other applications decreasing our dependence on fossil fuels to make electricity for lighting. This would help to save the atmosphere and many different ecosystems in the process. This makes the luminous exit sign a great product to invest in for the future of this planet.


The Many Advantages

In addition to saving you money on energy costs in a building that you may own, self luminous exit signs can also save you money on the cost of using an electrician to install them. As electricians can be costly to hire you may want to keep this in mind when looking for your next lighted exit sign. In addition the cost that you incur from using electric lighting options will be eliminated all together which will help you to pay for the self luminous exit sign you buy. They also last for about 20 years a piece in most cases and this means that you will have a long stretch of time in order to make use of your product. If saving money through making your building more efficient makes sense to you then you can pick up one of these signs in a variety of places including online through the sites that sell lighting equipment.

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Another benefit of using tritium powered exit signs is that they are wet and dry weather adaptive. This means that you can use this sign in a variety of conditions without it malfunctioning. This makes the product very reliable and safe to use for you and your family or employees. In addition to this the signs provide constant lighting year round and you should never have to do maintenance on them. This can save you even more money through eliminating maintenance costs in addition to electricity use. In regards to this if you are looking for a product that you don’t have to think about to use and one that exceeds safety standards then buying a self luminous exit sign may be a decision you might want to make.

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