Battery Operated Exit Sign Applications

Battery Operated Exit Sign Applications

It is common knowledge that the most important application of an exit sign falls in its self-illuminating properties. It is used to direct people towards the exits of building during business hours, but the most important role is its application during emergencies, when the power is out and it acts as one of the many emergency lights directing customers and anyone else on the premises to safety outdoors

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Application of battery operated exit signs

This sign's self-illuminating properties can be achieve with the use of an everyday product: the battery. Battery operated exit signs applications are the same as any other self-luminous exit sign. The only difference is, you need to periodically change the battery like you would a light bulb. This has its pros and cons.

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Cost of battery operated fixtures

Battery operated exit signs are cheaper then some of the others on the market, but you will have the out of pocked expense of buying new batteries, whereas with exit signs such as the Tritium based one, they illuminate themselves without the need of an outside source and they last for quite a long time. Still, battery operated exit signs are very popular amongst smaller businesses who only have one or two exits. These signs are just as durable as their counterparts and with proper care and upkeep can last just as long.

Is cheaper better?

Just because they are cheaper does not mean that they are made with any less care or attention to detail. It is mandatory that your exit signs give optimum performance all the time in order to ensure the safety of your customers. Manufacturers are aware of this and are determined to offer you the best possible product no matter what it uses for illumination

Affordable exit signs

When looking into battery operated exit signs, don’t just look at what its applications can be. A list of specs will also be given and you may notice the option of an exit sign with a rechargeable battery pack. It is up to you what kind you buy, but keep in mind that a rechargeable battery does not have to be replaced as often as other models. Since these exit signs are battery operated it is important to check them for any damage or diminished performance often and to repair/replace accordingly.

Self illuminating exit signs

When the lights go out, you and anyone else who is in the building need to be assured of the fact that the exit sign stays on. This makes your business environment a safe one no matter the circumstances.

If it has come time to replace your exit signs or you are starting up a small business and need to purchase them for the first time, take a look at battery operated exit signs and their applications. These signs might be just what you are looking for.

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