Battery Operated Exit Sign - Installation Made Easy

Every commercial premise requires exit signs to guide the employees and the customers to the nearest exit. This facility becomes all the more important during emergency when the premise has to be evacuated. Various models of the exit signs are available in the market. These exit signs can either be electrical or non-electrical self luminescent. In few places where there is no electricity and are inaccessible for wiring purpose, can have battery operated exit sign.

Battery operated exit signs

A battery operated exit sign is beneficial as it cuts down the installation costs that are quite costly due to the costs of the wiring and the electrician. Hence, they are easier to install as compared to the electrical exit signs.


Many of the electrical exit signs also contain small batteries that are constantly charging and during power outage can give illumination for at least 90 minutes. This becomes very crucial during any emergency as these are crucial minutes in saving the lives of people who may get trapped inside the premises during emergency.

Self luminous exit signs

Just running an exit sign on battery could prove costly as the battery can support the fixture for only limited time and would require constant replacement or a large battery backup like that of an inverter. Hence, many prefer the alternative in terms of the self luminous exit signs, as they do not have need of electrical energy to run and are easily manageable.

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These self luminous exit signs broadly come in two varieties namely the self-luminescent and the photo luminescent. The self luminescent is more preferred as it is completely maintenance free and has a long life- span of minimum 10 years. These exit signs have phosphor coated glass tubes that are filled with radioactive isotope of hydrogen known as Tritium. Tritium is a naturally glowing isotope and is naturally present in the upper part of the atmosphere. It is a byproduct during the process of producing electricity in reactors.

Self Luminous Exit Signs Do Not Need Batteries

These self luminescent signs are a boon for all the varied users as they can be installed and dismantled easily from anywhere. Moreover they can be easily installed in even inaccessible areas inside the premises or outside and also in those where there is no power supply. They are completely maintenance free and one need not worry about replacing the batteries or the bulbs.

Installation and mounting of signs

As these signs save a lot of money during installation and later on during use, one can install many fixtures in the premises especially those premises that require numerous signs. Some of the premises that may require such exit signs include the schools, shopping areas, movie theatres, parking facilities, large commercial complexes, industrial premises and even those premises that are deemed as hazardous.

Hazardous location signage

In the hazardous premises, it becomes all the more important, as these premises deal with easily combustible and explosive materials or substances that need delicate and proper handling. Any ignition has the potential to spark off fire or explosion in the premises. As these signs neither run on electricity nor their components come in contact with the hostile environment, the chances get a lot minimized. Hence, one can think of opting for these exit signs instead of the electrical exit signs for the safety and maintenance free life span of the exit signs.

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