Battery Operated Exit Sign - Safe and Effective

Battery operated exit signs - safe and effective

Battery operated exit signs are safe, effective, and practical. Exit signs are crucial in buildings, especially larger commercial facilities where it could be difficult for people to figure out how to get out in the event of an emergency.


Essential exit signs

Exit signs are mandatory and many jurisdictions require them to be put into all commercial buildings. According to average local building laws, exit signs need to be installed because they provide building occupants with a visual guide along the path to leave a building in the event of an emergency like an earthquake or fire.

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Need for exit signs

The term exit on a battery operated exit sign is either red or green. Red is the most common color of the two. These types of lights are permanently installed strategically along corridors and above doors. They are crucial to building safety and they’re very effective at guiding people where they need to go in an emergency.

Buying battery operated exit signs

The battery operated exit sign is one of the types of exit signs available. In all cases, exit signs are required to be able to function even if there is no electrical feed. The battery operated exit sign will stay on long after the power had gone out. When buying a battery operated exit sign, it’s not difficult to choose one to meet your needs. Most places where you can buy these types of lights will also have a team of technical experts that can provide more detailed information about what you might need. It’s important to make sure than any questions you have are answers so that you’re choosing the best battery operated exit sign to meet your needs.

Types of battery operated exit signs

Examples of battery operated exit lights include quality indoor signs designed to function in extreme situations indoors. There are also more heavy-duty, rugged outdoor signs that are created to withstand extreme outdoor elements. The battery operated exit signs function due to an electrical feed when the electricity is running. They also have back-up batteries so that they’ll keep functioning even when the power is lost in commercial building during an emergency. The batteries generally last for 90 minutes after AC power is lost.

Batteries used

Battery operated exit sign most commonly uses nickel-cadmium batteries. These types of batteries are known as Ni-Cd for short. These are small sized while being shrink-wrapped. They are available in different configurations and resemble the shape of an AA battery.

Emergency lights require stronger batteries than battery operated exit sign. The most common one used is Lead Acid which is put in emergency lights. Units that have an emergency light and exit light also use Lead Acid batteries. These types of batteries help provide more power which is what these types of lights require.

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