Benefits Of Self Illuminating Exit Signs

Benefits Of Having A Self Illuminating Exit Sign

Self luminous exit signs that use tritium are wide spread in our society today because the can be used for a variety of places. In addition to buildings they are also frequently used in other places because they do not need electricity and are easy to install. In addition to this the self luminous sign can be used in both wet and dry conditions making them versatile as well as safe to use. They can also be very portable as they laminate themselves. This is because they do not need electricity in order to function.


Tritium Self-Illuminating Technology

The tritium gas that is pumped into the glass tube that make up these signs works because it is radioactive isotope of helium that becomes bright when it goes through the radioactivity process. This means that the sign will not stop working until the tritium decays and the light that radiates from it becomes too weak. Though radiation is involved the product is not dangerous to anyone and will not cause any form of cancer or other radiation based disease.

When the tritium shines below the lighting standards of an exit sign this is when you can no longer use it according to government safety standards. These signs are a good investment because the half life of tritium is extended and they may not show any signs of wearing down for up to 10 years. This 10 year span is similar to other exit signs that are electrified though it may be a small amount less but the self luminous signs can be used up to 20 years if they are refilled with tritium.

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Facts About Tritium

When it comes to the isotope tritium this is produced in the atmosphere naturally whenever a cosmic ray hits air molecules on the planet. The gas can also be made in certain reactors that produce electricity. Tritium most often occurs naturally in water that is present in the upper levels of atmosphere which is then spread to many other ecosystems on the planet such as rivers, rocks, and oceans. Thus the benefits of using self illuminated exit signs include the fact that this sign is environmentally friendly. In a world that is full of pollution this type of lighting can be seen as a ray of hope to environmentalists and green enthusiasts alike. In addition this more efficient form of lighting may have applications that span towards other uses as well.

Conclusion About Self Luminous Exit Signs

If you want to get a self illuminating sign for your business then there are a few ways you can do this, including searching online for an establishment that deals with light products. Investing in this type of technology can greatly benefit your business by helping it to be more efficient and environmentally friendly. In addition this technology can lower costs when it comes to electric bills. Since it does not use electricity it can also be installed without an electrician further lowering costs to you. In all this is a device that many see as the wave of the future.

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