Certain Facts About Tritium Disposal

Certain Facts About Tritium Disposal

Being radioactive, it is important to be careful about tritium disposal. Tritium is a radioactive form of hydrogen that is used in research, nuclear generators, fusion reactors and it is also used in self-luminous exist signs at public and private office buildings. Tritium disposal needs to be carefully planned because one cannot treat tritium disposal as a normal trash disposal. This is because tritium is a radioactive substance that can be hazardous.


Careful Tritium disposal

Before you think of tritium disposal, you need to consider the fact that tritium as a substance isn’t dangerous unless a person comes in direct contact to it. That is, tritium disposal can be harmful if the disposed tritium is inhaled, ingested, or absorbed through skin contact. Your means for tritium disposal must be safe. Tritium disposal can be done only after ascertaining that the tritium gas won’t come in direct contact with any living being. While tritium disposal may be considered as a difficult task, self-luminous signs are common in use because the environment friendly people consider the importance of saving electricity. Tritium exit signs removed the need of bulbs, fuses, and electricity and hence these are considered as cost effective even through tritium disposal may cost small amount. Tritium disposal may prove to be a little problem.

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Because of the necessity of remaining extremely careful about tritium disposal, many people consider that self-luminous exit signs are more trouble than they are valuable. However, tritium disposal can be managed safely. Most of the tritium self-luminous sign producers provide the service of safe tritium disposal and they will dispose of an old Exit sign without cost if you buy a new sign. Even if you are not looking to buy a new sign, safe tritium disposal can be managed at a small price.

Careful Tritium Disposal is Necessary

If tritium disposal of the self-luminous exit signs isn’t cared of, it may cause serious environmental damage because tritium is a toxic radioactive element. Tritium in general is a fairly stable substance which isn’t harmful just because you are near its presence. However, tritium disposal is necessary to avoid any accidental intake of tritium through inhalation. Tritium gas is hazardous if it comes in contact with skin or if inhaled. This is why tritium disposal is necessary as per the guidance. Tritium disposal is easier when tritium is used as a booster in nuclear weaponry. While one should remain alert and responsible towards proper tritium disposal, tritium is not as dangerous radioactive element as radium is which also acts as a carcinogenic element. Thus, tritium is much safe substance than radium, plutonium and other radioactive element but to avoid any radioactive hazard, proper tritium disposal is must.

Because of the tritium disposal issues and requirements, tritium exit signs have failed to make a mark in 21st century because photo-luminescent emergency exit signs are making a place in market. Unlike tritium exit signs, photo-luminescent exit signs don’t include careful tritium disposal requirements. Yet, tritium disposal isn’t a big issue that will prevent consumers to not to take advantages of having a cheaper exit sign that won’t use electricity.

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