Costs of Tritium Exit Signs

The Costs of Tritium Exit Signs

Exit signs, in theory, are supposed to be a simple idea that is put into practice in a cost effective way. However, over the years reality showed that they were actually a lot more expensive than anticipated.


Costs of Conventional Exit Signs

Starting at the beginning when exit signs were first introduced, they were pretty costly. While the initial purchase itself was not too expensive, those early exit signs used an incandescent light bulb for lighting. These consume a lot of energy, so utility bills can amount to quite a hefty sum. While one single sign is not likely to make a dent in the budget, a lot of facilities like hospitals and universities can have dozens and even hundreds of exit signs installed throughout the building. In these cases the electricity needed to power all of these signs will indeed prove to be quite sizeable. Adding to that is the fact that those light bulbs did not last very long. They constantly needed changing with new ones and also required regular maintenance, which meant more costs.

Innovations in Exit Sign Technology

Over the years they have been replaced with more efficient lighting alternatives such as LEDs or tritium. While LEDs significantly reduce the power required on a monthly basis, it is the tritium exit sign that truly is the most cost effective option. These signs are self-luminous, which means that they do not need any outside source of power. All the ingredients necessary for lighting are contained within a tube in the sign itself. The lack of a need for electricity will save money each month. The same facility that wasted thousands of dollars per month on powering the incandescent exit signs will now save that money and put it to better use.

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Cost-Effectiveness of Tritium Exit Signs

One thing that can put people off buying tritium exit signs is the initial purchasing price. They go well over $100, which is a lot more than a LED sign which can start as low as $15. It is because of that reason that some people consider tritium signs too expensive. However, they are just being shortsighted, as the lack of electricity needs will more than make up for its steep starting price over the course of its lifetime. Speaking of which, a standard tritium sign can last for up to 20 years, twice the duration of a LED sign and ten times more than an incandescent light bulb. This makes the tritium sign more of a wise investment than a purchase, but some people still cannot get past the purchasing price.

Their price is also affected by the amount of tritium found in the sign itself. The less expensive ones have a smaller amount of the substance, which will still be enough to last for 10 years or more. Designs are available in different color schemes, ranging from the traditional red and white to green and white to black and white. These do not have an influence on the price, but something that does have an influence is the option of getting a double sided sign. These are perfect to hang from the ceiling, but they will cost $300 or more.

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