Do Self Luminous Exit Signs Require Batteries?

Battery operated exit signs are crucial in all buildings, especially in skyscrapers and high-rises where it can be difficult for occupants to safely escape during an emergency. However pools, theaters and hardware stores are just some of the businesses that choose the self illuminating exit sign, since it requires no electrical hookup. We often get asked the question "Do self luminous exit signs require batteries?"


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The idea of non-stop illumination may seem too impossible to comprehend. There must be a battery inside making it glow like that, right? However, these exit signs use a completely different power source than the lead acid found in typical batteries.

How Tritium Powers the Sign 

Unlike electrical exit signs which have batteries, circuits and an LED light panel, nuclear self powered exit signs only have 15 or so small vacuum tubes, encased in a factory-sealed acrylic case. The vacuum tubes are coated with phosphor, a rare earth material used in CRT screens and phosphorescent glow sticks. Phosphor, like a light bulb, requires power to keep it "ON" and that is exactly where the tritium comes in.

Tritium, or H3, is the radioactive hydrogen isotope that keeps the phosphor charged. Tritium also protects the phosphor from changes in valence, making these signs applicable in hot and cold weather. 

I Need An Exit Sign

Typical red or green LED exit signs are battery operated, but only when in emergency mode (usually due to power failure). During normal hours, the sign is kept on using the alternating current from the building's electrical grid while the battery is trickle charged. While these exit signs are cheap, they are not always the best choice. 

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Electrical exit signs most commonly use nickel-cadmium batteries. These types of batteries are known as Ni-Cd for short. They are highly efficient power cells, but batteries in general can become very undependable, especially if not maintained regularly. Self luminous signs, on the other hand, require no electricity and no maintenance at all!

Saving Money with the Non-Electrical Exit Sign

The Self Luminous Exit Sign Company is here to help you find the right solution, whether you go with nuclear or battery powered. We only want you to have the best exit sign money can buy. Call us at 800.379.1129 to learn how much money you could be save by going self-powered".

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