Earthquake Proof Self Luminous Exit Signs

Surviving a Shake

Though earthquakes are not as frequent as hurricanes and tornadoes, they are a potentially far more devastating, especially over magnitude 6. If you live in Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Juno, Anchorage, Las Vegas or Honolulu, insure your business with self luminous exit signs.


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Because earthquakes displace building foundations, rupture sewers and knock out electricity, having a self powered exit sign grid in key points throughout your structure makes sense. There are of course electrical options that use LED technology, and while these are relatively inexpensive they are not always the best option.

If you live in Alaska, Hawaii, Nevada, California or Washington you know that any second The Big One can strike without any prior warning. If you are at work, where Americans commonly spend 60% of their life, wouldn't you want a fixture that can really last?

Viva La Self Luminous Exit Sign!

So what makes self-luminous technology so different than normal exit signs?

SL signs use a hydrogen gas called tritium which interacts with phosphor coated inside sealed vacuum tubes; this creates a natural glowing effect. The natural color of this glow is green, which is conveniently one of the most popular exit sign font colors in the world.

These vacuum tubes are made of tempered glass and secured within a shock-absorbing thermoplastic bracket inside the sign's housing. The housing itself is built from solid cast-aluminum and shatter-proof polycarbonate. This makes the sign able to withstand quakes up to 10.0 on the richter scale! 

Saving Lives and Money in Anchorage, AL

Recently our customers in Anchorage experienced a 5.5 earthquake that, while not severe, knocked over un-secured furniture. At one of the seaplane marinas, an entire spruce bookshelf toppled onto an SL sign, breaking it from it's mount. The sign dropped a good 13 feet onto a hardwood floor.

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The customer called us, saying the sign had sustained some scratches and a minor dent in the housing where the bookcase fell. She didn't want to get a new sign, as it was one of our 10 year self luminous exit signs that had only been in use for two years.

First we asked her to carefully inspect the area for any sign of tritium breakage, but not before fully ventilating the office. Once it was ascertained that no breakage had occurred, we asked her to observe the sign in a dark closet to see if the exit lettering was still glowing. It still was, so we shipped her a discounted mounting bracket and in days the sign was back in service!


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