Emergency Exit Signs

Self Luminous Exit Signs for Emergencies

During normal working hours our robust, long-lasting self luminous exit sign fixtures guide building occupants to the nearest egress doors.

When the AC electricity shuts off due to a power surge, blackout or natural/manmade disaster, these exit signs must continue working for at least 90 minutes. Most signs accomplish this through an emergency ballast.


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However, self powered exit signs are special because they do not require power at all - whether the building power is on or not. This is accomplished using a hydrogen gas known as tritium.

How They Work

Every SL sign we provide is built in layers at our various factories. The outside of these unites have a die-cast aluminum frame and a clear polycarbonate lens that protects the exit sign's face.

Secured in a shock-resistant plate inside the unit are the phosphor-coated glass tubes which are injected with enough tritium to last 10, 15 or 20 years depending on the model.

When combined with tritium, the phosphor creates a brilliant green glowing affect that will not fade or flicker over the course of it's lifetime.

Emergency Exit Sign Requirements 

All exit signs with emergency capabilities must: 

  • Meet UL 924 guidelines
  • Be OSHA certified
  • Abide by the NFPA:101 Life Safety Code
  • Meet IBC and NEC requirements

Many of the above listed specifications only refer to electronic exit signs. Since self powered exit signs use no electricity, they automatically meet the standards for electronic enclosures and emergency runtimes.

Again, these signs will never deactivate until the phosphor and tritium tubes are completely spent. 

Advantages of Self Luminous Technology

The advantage here is an exit sign that will last for far longer durations than battery powered units. This means power can be out for weeks while your SL signs continue to serve their purpose. 

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Other signs can last between 90 minutes and 24 hours at the most, though they require much heavier batteries, which increases their shipping weight.

Other advantages include:

  • Zero energy costs
  • Can operate between -76°F and 167°F
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors.
  • No wiring is necessary
  • Maintenance-free upkeep


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