Explosion Proof Self Luminous Exit Signs

What Does Explosion Proof Mean?

It's easy to think an 'explosion proof' fixture is any exit sign as some kind of invincible fixture that can survive grenade blasts. However, such exit signs do not exist, unless they were built on Superman's planet Krypton. And in that case they don't exist on Earth.

Explosion proof self luminous exit signs cannot cause an explosion in hazardous environments where flammable gas or vapors are present. Such spaces prohibit any electronic that does not have hermetically sealed circuitry, including most LED signs.


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Advantages of an Explosion Proof Self Luminous Exit Sign

Normally in these industrial locations you can only install electronic exit signs built with hardened steal and sealed with rubber gaskets. However, self powered exit signs like our SL models are acceptable because they require no electricity.

Other advantages include:

    • Saving $100s of dollars less than explosion proof LED signs
    • Signs do not draw any AC power, lowering energy bills
    • You will not have to hire an electrician to install them
    • Can be placed inside and outside of your facility
    • Signs require no maintenance
    • Can be placed in pitch black environments

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Class and Division Considerations

Industrial locations that have explosive environments are required by OSHA to classify such spaces by a numercal class and division code. This determines the level of danger and the precautions that must be taken in these spaces.

CLASS: Refers to the type of hazard present in the air.

Class I - flammable gases or vapors

Class II - finely pulverized material such as dust

Class III- easily ignitable fibers or flyings

DIVISION: Whether the combustible materials are part of normal or abnormal part of the work environment.

Div 1 - normal conditions the hazards will be expected

Div 2 - hazards are only present in abnormal conditions

Types Environments Requiring Explosion Proof Signs

    • Petroleum refineries, as well as gasoline storage and distribution areas
    • Dry cleaning plants
    • Grain elevators
    • Aircraft hangars
    • Carbon handling or processing areas
    • Textile mills and cotton gins


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