Grainger Self Luminous Exit Signs

Company Overview

Founded in 1927, W.W. Grainger, Inc. is a Fortune 500 industrial supply company that sells everything from motors, fasteners and plumbing to safety and lighting supplies. They are one of the most well-known and dependable supply companies in the world.


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Grainger acts as a conduit for manufacturing companies to offset some of their production, which speeds up the overall sale to our customers. In some cases it is actually cheaper for distributors like the Self Luminous Exit Sign Co. to buy through Grainger, who keeps generic signs in their massive warehouses.

We are very proud to be a licensed vendor of Grainger supplies. Surprisingly, not just anyone can work with them. Big companies must always be conscious of their image to the public, and that can only be accomplished through honest, hard working vendors.

Self Luminous Exit Signs from Grainger

There is no way for a single customer to buy self powered exit signs directly from the company. Grainger and other supply companies conduct business-to-business transactions. They also have a Technical Product Support division for every product they carry.

Sometimes we are presented with a question about self luminous exit sign fixtures that even we can't answer. And calling the manufacturer directly isn't the best route either.

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Think about it: an assembly line is supplied with all the tools, materials and instructions to put signs together. But are they really experts in the products they fabricate? Is a McDonalds fry cook an expert on potatoes?

Grainger Technical Support

We always turn to Grainger when faced with a question we can't answer. Their training division is unparalleled and it amazes us time and again that each new rep we speak to is so fluent in the product they carry.

Understocked Exit Signs

Our manufacturers build products by each individual order. If we order a dozen 10-year SL signs, they will make them. And if we ask for five more, we have to wait for five more to be built. This can take between a day and two weeks depending on their back order load.

Luckily Grainger buys in bulk, getting basic signs that they can later modify to fit any customer's order. That way we get your specific sign to you even when the market is inundated with back-orders.

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