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Eco Friendly Self Luminous Exit Signs

Self luminous exit signs are commonly seen at public places such as auditoriums, cinema halls, banquet halls etc. Exit signs are meant to offer emergency management eases for people during an accidental fire or other mishaps so that people may attain a direction to get out of the closed hall during the emergency fire. Exit signs can help a lot during the emergency for people to save themselves against the emergent danger. While traditional exit signs work with electricity, they may prove to be useless in cases of accidental electric fires because in such cases, all electric equipment stop working because of electric short circuit.


In order to help people in such cases, exit signs working on separate batteries were used but even batteries may catch fire and create problems. On the other hand, self luminous exit signs are dependable in such cases too because they do not work on electricity and do not require any electric wiring that may catch fire.

Advantages of Self Luminous Exit Signs:

Since tritium signs do not use any electricity, self illuminating exit signs prove to be cheaper than the common exit signs as you can save a good amount of money every year as no electricity is consumed by tritium exit signs. Thus, self illuminating exit signs are considered as eco-friendly too because they help in reducing your dependence on electricity and hence reduce your carbon footprints. This independence of tritium exit signs over electricity makes them more popular. Tritium exit signs require least maintenance and hence they prove to be cheaper in longer run.

While using an electric exit sign, you will need to keep a check on bulbs and will have to replace the fused bulbs every next month. On the other hand, self luminous exit signs are durable and do not require any replacement for years until their life time is over. Thus, using tritium exit signs will mean saving your money in electric bills, fused bulbs and electric wiring.

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However, you will need to be extra cautious while using tritium exit signs. Tritium is a toxic radioactive material which if inhaled, may cause serious health issue and may result in death. Similarly, if tritium is consumed or ingested, it may cause death. To avoid such accidental mistakes, it is necessary to mount the self luminous exit signs on exit doors properly so that the exit signs may not fall and break in case of a strong knock and bang on the exit door. If the tritium exit sign falls and breaks, the leaked tritium may cause havoc.

Tritium Exit Sign Disposal

After the life time of tritium exit signs is over, they must be disposed of carefully and safely. Most of the self illuminating exit signs dealers offer safe tritium disposal service at affordable cost and if you are willing to buy a new self luminous exit sign, the dealer will offer you free safe tritium disposal facility.

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