How Do I Install Self Luminous Exit Signs?

If you have ever tried to wire an appliance in your house, you'll know that exit sign installation is not easy. As you might know, self luminous exit signs are the ultimate non-electrical egress marker in existence. Using a hydrogen isotope called tritium, they glow bright in complete darkness, indoors and outdoors. They also hold up better than light-dependant "glow in the dark" exit signs in virtually any environment.


Looking for Ten Year Self Luminous Exit Signs?

Best of all, SL signs are super easy to install. All you need is a power drill and 5 minutes. Nothing else to connect. Not even a switch to flip on.

Self powered exit signs require no electricity, so you don't have to call an electrician. Once the self luminous exit sign is properly installed, it will provide 10, 15, or 20 years of illumination with absolutely no maintenance

So how do you actually install a self luminous exit sign?

Self Luminous Exit Signs - Quick and Simple Install

Think of a tritium exit sign as a completely self contained fixture. Traditionally, electrically powered exit signs use LEDs or incandescent bulbs to illuminate the 'EXIT' legend in emergencies and non-emergencies. The downside is each unit has to be hardwired to a dedicated power circuit independent of general lighting fixtures. But since self powered signs energize themselves using the glowing tritium/phosphor tubes inside, no connection is needed.  

Finding the Right Location for Your Signs 

Any non-professional (i.e. YOU) can install these suckers. Just figure out which way foot traffic will be traveling in regards to your egress (exit) doors. Signs should be visible above or at foot-level to the door leading outside or at any sharp cornered hallway leading to the exit. 

Once you've figured where you want the sign, decide if you want to mount the sign flush with the wall, perpendicular or hanging from the ceiling. The aluminum metal bracket included with your sign is universal, so you should be able to affix the sign in any way. Convenient mounting holes and screws allow you to drill into the frame of the sign (or from the back).

Looking for Twenty Year Self Luminous Exit Signs

The most important thing is that the sign is as visible as it can be. And luckily SL signs have a 100-foot visibility, so you won't have to buy too many.

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We understand that not all applications can be accomplished using these simple instructions. Som customers prefer to recess their signs in a wall, hang them from chains or low-hanging swinger bars. If you have any questions pertaining to the installation for our self luminous exit signs, don't hesitate to call 800.379.1129.

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