How Long Does a Self Luminous Exit Sign Last?

Exit Sign Lifespan Overview

Most companies will try to weigh a number of factors when trying to streamline their exit sign purchases.  These factors can include cost, protective capabilities and lifespan. However, many overlook the distinct advantages and long life that self luminous exit signs can provide.


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Maybe you just came to this page and wonder what self-luminous means. These signs do not require any electricity, no matter what lifespan you chose. You will not find a single circuit, battery or wire anywhere inside these self powered exit signs.

Best of all these signs can take a licking and aren't likely to break, even in industrial settings. They are fully waterproof and can survive very cold outdoor environments. Best of all, SL signs cost less than many fixtures rated for these harsh locations.

Available Self Luminous Exit Sign Lifespans

Check out other exit signs on the web, and you'll only find fixtures with a max shelf life of 5-8 years. This is because electrical components eventually corrode and degrade while batteries lose effectiveness over the years. In most cases, it is more expensive to replace these components than to just buy a new sign.

SL signs are available in:

    • 10-year lifespan
    • 20-year lifespan

Right here, you'll see that even our cheapest SL sign (10 year) still gives you a two year advantage over any electrical sign out there. Cost savings increase when smart shoppers go with 15 and 20 year models, which pay for themselves after they reach their first decade mark.

Protective Capabilities

Inside an office building, away from outdoor exits, you'll probably want to go with cheaper electric signs since there little occurrence of  physical or weather damage occurring to the unit. However, SL signs are ideal above outdoor exits and stairwells affected by outdoor weather.

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They are also great in industrial and all-weather outdoor environments. Again, self powered exit signs have no electrical components that can be affected. Their solid aluminum and polycarbonate housings offer a strong degree of vandal protection as well as damage caused by heavy work, such as in a  manufacturing plant.


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