How much is a self illuminated exit sign?

How Much is a Self Illuminated Exit Sign?

A tritium self illuminated exit sign can cost considerably more than an electric sign of the same function but it is important to know that the benefits of having these signs in a building far outweigh the initial costs of owning them. These signs can also be adapted to a variety of businesses and uses across the board. In addition to saving a business money on electricity the self illuminated sign can also save on the cost of installation. They are also much safer to use than electric signs and last longer. As the typical electric sign only lasts 7 or 8 years on average, a tritium self luminous exit sign can last twice as long on average. This allows you to get more for your money if you are a business owner as well as increase your building’s efficiency.


Tritium Power

The self lighting exit signs are also more reliable than others. The tritium gas that is used in the signs provides longer illumination as well as brighter illumination. This has great implications when it comes to safety. If a fire starts in a building the self illuminated light is more clearly seen and more durable so the people who may be scrambling for the exits in this event have a better chance of exiting safely. In addition the durability of the device allows it to withstand extreme temperatures as well as adverse weather conditions. It is also easier to uninstall and carry to a new destination if needed. All of these factors contribute to the popularity of these types of signs over other types and this is why their use has continued to increase with businesses in recent years.

Reliable Exit Sign

These self luminous exit signs work so well because radiated tritium gas glows and its process of decaying takes at least 10-20 years. Some of the better versions of this product can even last up to 25 years. This means that when a building’s electric signs are replaced with these an owner can save on electric bills for a quarter of a century which is a long time for the savings to build. If you are a building owner who is interested in this product then it can be purchased on and offline though purchasing them through a website is cheaper in many instances. In addition some sites allow a business owner to purchase different styles of self illuminating signs. This can be ideal for establishments such as night clubs and bars as it can bring a sense of style and uniqueness to the establishment.

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In conclusion, If you are tired of changing batteries or doing maintenance on your electric exit signs then the self powered version may be the right choice for you. Though the self luminous exit sign can be a more expensive option for a business’s needs it is a great investment if business owners want to lower costs on energy usage and installation of the signs. In addition the signs have many other benefits that make purchasing these types something business owners may want to keep in mind.

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