How to Install a Self Luminous Exit Sign

Considering a non-electrical alternative to traditional exit signs? Do you like the benefits of self luminous exit signs, but are afraid of the radioactive component that makes them glow? Don't be, because the tritium isotope that makes SL signs glow practically anywhere is completely harmless when contained. And in the event that these near-indestructible signs do break, the minute radiation levels emitted will dissipate in a second.


Concerned with installation costs? Again, don't be. SL signs are one of the easiest signs to install. With a simple household power drill you'll have a UL-compliant exit sign in 5 minutes! 

Self luminous nuclear exit signs require zero electricity, so you don't have to call an electrician. Once the self luminous exit sign is properly installed, it will glow bright for 10, 15, or 20 years with absolutely no maintenance

Self Luminous Exit Signs - How To Install

Think of a self powered exit sign as a self-sustaining fixture. Typical AC-powered exit signs use LEDs or incandescent bulbs to illuminate the 'EXIT' legend during normal hours. A battery is kept charged to provide limited illumination in emergencies. The downside is each unit has to be hardwired to a dedicated power circuit independent of general lighting fixtures. But since self powered signs stay lit with internal tritium/phosphor tubes inside, no connection is necessary.  

Placing Your Signs in the Right Location

Any non-professional (YOU) can install these tritium exit signs. Observe which way foot traffic will be traveling in regards to your egress (exit) pathway. Signs should be visible above or at foot-level to the door leading outside or at any turn in a hallway that leads to the exit.

After you've figured where you want the sign, decide if you want to mount the sign flush with the wall, perpendicular or hanging from the ceiling. The universal bracket included with your sign can be mounted any which way, fitting nearly any application. Convenient mounting holes and screws allow you to drill into the frame of the sign (or from the back).

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Since not all applications can be accomplished using these simplified instructions, we stand ready to answer any and all self luminous exit sign questions you might have.  Customers in the past have preferred to recess their signs in a wall, hang them from chains and from low-ceiling swinger bars. We can make anything possible!

If you have any questions about installing our self luminous exit signs, don't hesitate to call 800.379.1129 immediately.

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