Hurricane Proof Self Luminous Exit Signs

Weather Resistant Self Luminous Exit Sign

Hurricanes are a big problem for those of us living on the East Coast. These huge swirling storms can easily be seen from space and are often larger than the state of Florida when measured from the eye to the outer edge of the vortex. Self luminous exit signs can be a real help in these storm-prone areas.


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Hurricanes blow winds at over 100mph and usually leave at least a few fatalities before the storm ceases. These tropical storms also leave thousands of seriously injured people, billions of dollars worth of damage and a crippled transportation system.

Another side-effect of most hurricanes, especially Category 1 and Category 2 storms, is city-wide brownouts and blackouts. These power failures can last a day or almost a month in some cases. More commonly, towns that have just endured these powerful cyclones will have intermittent power losses over the course of weeks.

Emergency Luminaries

Most emergency lights and exit signs require battery backups to keep them running during such power failures. However, they only last up to 90 minutes, which is only the minimum amount of time most buildings can evacuate personnel. And if there are obstructions in the way of an exit route, personnel are sure to take far longer to find safe refuge.

Advantages of a Self Luminous Exit Sign 

When you buy self-luminous, you can rest assured that the unit will perform superbly for over a decade.

SL signs have the following unique advantages:

    • A bright sign that can be seen from 100 feet away
    • Fully waterproof and vandal-resistant housing
    • Consumes zero watts of electricity
    • New York City-approved fixture
    • Tritium tubes always stay lit
    • Explosive proof-capability
    • UL 924 Listed
    • Meets and exceeds every exit sign requirement

Self Powered Exit Sign Lifespans

As if these amazing advantages aren't enough, SL signs last longer than any exit sign in existence! They come in three different model types:

  • 10 year
  • 15 year
  • 20 year

See Our 20 Year Self Luminous Exit Signs


Signs that last for 20 years are, of course, the most expensive. But smart shoppers that choose 20 year models actually be save a significant amount of money in the long run. Call the pros at SLES Co. today at 800-379-1129 to see which exit sign lifespan works best for you. 

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