IBC 1024 Self Luminous Egress Path Markings

IBC Exit Paths

In our last chapter we discussed the International Building Code (IBC) as it relates to self luminous exit signs. Another chapter in the IBC cover the markings of the egress path leading to the major exits where SL signs are installed.

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Our self-luminous signs wipe the floor with other exit signs when it comes to meeting the IBC's provisions for visibility, emergency capability and design. But other considerations must be addressed when bringing your building up to code.

There's no question self powered exit signs are bright! But if you are in the middle of a hall, stairwell or basement you probably won't see them - unless you have Superman's X-ray vision. That is why the IBC lays out detailed egress path guidelines, ensuring accessibility is uniform in buildings across the globe.

IBC Section 1024 for Self Luminous Exit Signs

1024.1 General

An illuminated path shall be provided for Group A, B, E, I, M and R-1 buildings that have occupied floors at least 75 feet above the lowest level of fire department access.


  1. Luminous egress path markings aren't needed in lobbies at the level of exit discharge
  2. Not required in open parking garages

1024.2 Markings within Exit Enclosure

Path markings are supplied at all exit enclosures, vertical enclosures and exit hallways

1024.2.1 Steps

A solid continuous photoluminescent stripe must be applied to the horizontal leading edge of each step in a stairwell. Tape will have a minimum width of 1 inch.

1023.2.3 Handrails

Rails and extensions are to be marked with solid, continuous tape at the top surface of the handrail. This luminous stripe shall continue along the entire length of the hand rail. Tape shall not have a gap of more then 4 inches where the rail bends or turns corners.

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1024.2.4 Perimeter Demarcation Lines

Solid demarcation lines must be placed on the floor, walls or both at all stairwell landings.

1024.2.5 Obstacles

Obstacles at or below 6'-6" tall and project more than 4 inches into the egress path must be outlined with a band of luminous tape. Such obstacles are typically standpipes, hose cabinets and restricted height areas.

1024.4 Self Luminous and Photoluminescent

Egress path markings can be made of any approved material including luminous tape and paint. Such material are approved so long as they do not require an electrical charge to power.

Our self luminous exit signs can be custom stenciled for use as a directional marker. They are a perfect choice for 1024.4-compliant pathway markings.

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