Isolite Self Illuminated Exit Sign

Isolite Self Illuminated Exit Sign

When it comes to making high quality, long lasting exit signs that are powered all on their own, without the use of batteries or electricity, which can be costly and time consuming to maintain, no manufacturer is more used or better trusted than Isolite. The standard Isolite self illuminated exit sign is one of the best selling products in the industry and has been for several years—and for good reason. This product, no matter what style or design you happen to buy it in, really delivers what it promises—which is long lasting, maintenance free service for you.


Many people are surprised, however, and perhaps even a little discouraged when they first see the price of an Isolite self illuminated exit sign. While it is true that these products cost a bit more than battery powered or electrically powered exit signs, they really are the smartest choice in the long run. That’s because an Isolite self illuminated exit sign is only a one time expense, which is not the case with more standard signs.

Advantages of an Isolite Self Illuminated Exit Sign

With an electrically powered sign, for example, you will first, of course, have to buy the sign. Then, you will have to pay a hefty fee for an electrician to properly install the sign. Once you start using it, you will immediately see that electric bill go up, especially if you have multiple signs or run your sign or sign quite frequently. This is, of course, in addition to the time and effort it takes to check and replace light bulbs. Plus, using electrically powered signs outdoors or in areas that are exposed to moisture is downright dangerous and can present a serious fire hazard that could even cause your establishment to get shut down, thus causing you to incur more fees.

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An Isolite Self Illuminated Exit Sign is an Investment

Even battery powered exit signs aren’t all they are cracked up to be. While you don’t have to pay to install them, you can expect to spend a not so small fortune in batteries. Most owners of battery powered signs have to change the batteries approximately one to three times per week. If you have only three signs, this could mean doing battery changes nine times weekly! Who has time for that? Many people try to cut costs by opting for rechargeable batteries or for combination models, but these present problems all their own. Rechargeable batteries hold even less of a charge and thus die more quickly than standard batteries, and combination models basically just give you the problems of both types of signs.


That’s why an Isolite self illuminated exit sign is such a smart choice. Sure, you might spend a little more than you want to upfront, but that’s the only thing you’ll have to spend for up to twenty years! Just think—you can simply mount or hang your sign yourself (no installation fees!) and then let it do its job without you having to lift a finger, plug in a cord, change a light bulb, or replace a battery.

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