Nor'easter Proof Self Luminous Exit Signs

New Jersey Uses Self Luminous Exit Signs

Hurricane Sandy, the second most destructive hurricane since Katrina, has caused continual grief for us on the Eastern Seaboard this year. Even though she has died out, the rest of the winter will be punctuated by repeated foul weather.


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With Thanksgiving on the way, Atlantic City and other cities on the New Jersey coast are preparing for an unwelcome guest: destructive nor'easter storms, which are expected to be worse this year than in the past decade. If your company needs to refit expired exit signs or units damaged in the superstorm, choose self luminous exit signs this holiday season.

The cauldron is brewing for a big nor'easter storm to bring rain and high-winds to our state as well as New York City, Philadelphia, Boston and Washington. This will occur during the Thanksgiving weekend.

Prepare now!

Nor'easter Storm Damage

Though they won't cause as much damage as a hurricane, Nor'easters are still a bane on our existence. They usually come during winter, and can vary greatly in size. They usually flood our streets with intense rain, and can blow down trees, causing a domino effect of damage.

Power failures are de rigueur in these storms, especially when they are as powerful as our storm watch centers believe the Thanksgiving storms will be. If you would like to be able to return to business Monday morning, install self powered exit signs.

Why Go Self Luminous?

If the nor'easters cause a long enough power failure or brownout, your building will not be allowed access unless exit signs continue to work throughout. Electronic exit signs, especially outdoor fixtures, should be able to withstand the storm, but in a prolonged power failure they will quickly run out of battery juice.

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SL signs don't require any electricity at all to run, so if you have them installed throughout your New Jersey facility, you should be able to conduct some work or at least gather important documents during the blackout. Self powered signs use naturally glowing tritium gas, suspended in sealed tubes, to provide continuous light for the length of their lifespan.

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