Popular Self Luminous Exit Signs

Self luminous exit signs are becoming popular these days because of the fact that unlike common electric exit signs, they require no electricity. Since the self illuminating exit signs work without electricity, they help the users to manage their electric bill. Also, electricity is a major cause of climate change and global warming. By using tritium exit signs, one can not only reduce their expenditures in electricity bills, they can also reduce their carbon footprints as tritium exit signs are eco-friendly greener option for emergency management.


Why Self Luminous Exit Signs are required?

During an emergency in a cinema hall or theatrical auditorium or at any similar closed public space, people may find it difficult to seek the exit door. Self illuminating exit signs help people to trace the exit door with ease in such emergency situations so that they can get out of the danger zone.

Completely Non-Electrical Operation

Self luminous exit signs do not use electricity and hence there is no need of any electric wiring for operation of exit signs. This also increase the safety and dependability of using self illuminating exit signs. Tritium exit signs offer excellent self illumination to offer a guide to find the exit door. Tritium is a radioactive isotope of hydrogen that offers light in darkness. Thus, self illuminating exit signs are considered to be safer and greener eco friendly option for exit signs and hence, it is beneficial for replacing your electric exit signs with tritium exit signs.

Affordable Tritium Exit Signs

Tritium exit signs prove to be cheaper option in longer run because they require least maintenance. Only occasional cleaning and dusting of tritium exit signs will keep them efficient for their purpose. These exit signs are durable and work properly for around twelve and a half year without any complaint. As the half life of tritium is reached, the tritium exit signs become useless and need to be disposed off. However, one cannot dispose tritium exit signs like the other common trash. This is because of the fact that tritium is a radioactive element that may cause health issues. Tritium if inhaled or ingested may cause death. Thus, it is necessary to remain careful while disposing self luminous exit signs.

Disposal of Self Luminous Exit Signs

It is necessary to remain cautious while thinking of tritium exit sign disposal. You cannot throw away obsolete tritium exit signs just like your other trash. Tritium exit sign disposal should be safe and proper in such a way that may not allow any tritium to be released in atmosphere. Almost all of the tritium exit sign sellers offer safe and cheap tritium exit sign disposal. If you are looking forward to replace your old tritium exit sign with a new one, you will get free safe tritium exit sign disposal service. On the other hand, even if you are not willing to buy a replacement, tritium self luminous exit signs disposal is not too much costly.

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