Problem With Photoluminescent Exit Signs

The Other Glow In The Dark Sign

One of the first concerns our customers have about self luminous exit signs is radiation. Illumination is provided by naturally glowing tritium contained in vacuum sealed glass tubes. While the hazards are low, there is some danger if these signs are broken.


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Photoluminescent exit signs are a popular alternative to self powered exit signs. These signs are coated with a light-absorbing material that creates a glowing surface when the lights go off. They are significantly thinner and slightly more affordable than SL signs.

So why are photoluminescent signs inferior to self-luminous fixtures?

Versatility of Self Luminous Exit Signs

Photoluminescent exit signs can only be placed indoors, where there is sufficient ambient lighting in the area. These lights have to be kept on at all times of the day and night.

These signs also need an even amount of light falling on the sign face. Light must be equal to at least 5 foot candles, or the sign will glow dimly in the dark. They cannot be placed outside, as UV radiation from the sun will destroy the sign's glowing properties.

Self powered exit signs, on the other hand, can literally go anywhere, including:

  • Outdoor spaces exposed to wet weather
  • Damp location areas like saunas and showers
  • Indoors where lighting is normally turned off when not in use
  • Industrial locations that produce explosive gas or vapors
  • Temperatures as low a -76° F

Why Bother With Photoluminescent Exit Signs?

While not as versatile as SL signs, photoluminescent units do have some advantages to consider:

  • Last up to 25 years - 5 more than SL units
  • Lighter weight reduces shipping costs
  • Slightly lower cost overall
  • Do not require special disposal

Combination of the Two

We encourage our customers to save a buck wherever they can, even if they aren't buying every unit from us. You can easily combine signs, placing photoluminescent units indoors and self luminous ones outdoors.

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Luckily we are exit sign professionals and connosoiurs, and we are chummy with other vendors who can deliver the cheapest photoluminescent signs to you. Best of all we do the heavy lifting for you, leaving you with a clean lighting quote to present to your client.

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