Radioactive Exit Sign

Of the various types of exit signs available, the radioactive exit sign is the most preferred for its various benefits. The installation of exit signs in pathways leading to exits is mandatory as per the OSHA norms and hence great care has to be taken while installing them.

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Maintenance free

The affordable radioactive exit sign has low installation and maintenance charges. As this exit sign does not require any sort of electrical power for illumination, the user saves on installation charges as electrical wiring is not required for the same. Hence, you do not specifically require the services of any electrician for the installation.

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It can be installed in open spaces on inside the premises under any circumstances. It can be mounted even in very inaccessible areas as it is completely maintenance free. It also saves on maintenance, as it does not work on battery also and hence saves the user from the headache of bulb replacement too. It provides the user an effective and always ready illumination.

Self illuminating exit signs

When the lights are on, one cannot see the effectiveness of the exit sign, but when the power light is switched off; one can see the effectiveness of this exit sign. The signs give lot of illumination in the dark and hence guide the people crossing the pathway properly. The radioactive exit sign also does not require the user to switch it on or off and hence you can install it and forget about it. Moreover these exit signs have a long lifespan of that ranges from 10 years to 20 years.

Radioactive exit sign

The radioactive exit sign is self luminescent due to a radioactive substance in the glass tubes known as Tritium. It is a radioactive isotope of the hydrogen molecule, is naturally produced in the upper parts of the atmosphere when the air molecules interact with the cosmic rays. It is a byproduct yield in the reactors that produce electricity as also in the special production reactors. People are naturally exposed to Tritium in minuscule quantities continuously as it is omnipresent in the environment.

Safe exit signs

One of the least injurious of all the known radionuclide is Tritium and it has lower half life period. Its radiation emission is very low and if it enters the body, leaves it quickly. As it is relatively safe, it has replaced radium, another luminescent wherever possible.

In the radioactive exit sign, the Tritium is enclosed in glass tubes that arranged in thermoplastic casements to form words or signage and covered with colored glass and polycarbonate face cover. The whole setup is sealed with gasket so that the fixture becomes corrosion free and explosive free. It is dust, water and vapor proof with certain variations in the arrangements of the components.

Licensed disposals

The radioactive exit sign is also recommended in the hazardous environment due to is safety factor and as it fulfills all the conditions laid by the OSHA and other regulatory agencies. The fixture has brackets in such a way that one can easily install it without any difficulty and without the help of an electrician. You can even uninstall it without the help of an electrician but dispose it by sending it back to the licensed disposal units. 

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