Radioactive Exit Sign Application

Radioactive Exit Sign Application

Radioactive exit signs use tritium for lighting. Tritium gas is a radioactive isotope of hydrogen that contains one proton and two neutrons. Tritium is naturally present in the atmosphere though it is rarely found. It produces electrons through beta decay that bombard with phosphor to emit light. The self luminous exit signs are sealed with a glass tube that contain the tritium and protect it from emitting in the air.


Exit sign application

The inside of the glass tube is coated with the phosphor which reacts with compounds of tritium to produce illumination. They also have a plastic protective case that provides protection from breakage. In case the tube breaks and releases the tritium, it is not hazardous because the tritium gas will be dispersed in the atmosphere.

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Uses of radioactive application

Tritium does not require electrical energy and it is for this reason that radioactive uses many applications such as radioactive exit signs, luminous paints, gauges, and illumination of wrist watches. The wrist watches purpose is for night use and are also used by divers for lighting. The self luminous exit signs have become popular and are increasingly produced to the market due to their effectiveness.

Outdoor lighting

They are used at night and are used in buildings either outdoors or indoors. The lighting of the exit sign is visible during the night time and cannot be detected at day time hence its use at night. The radioactive exit sign comes in handy especially in places where there is no electricity since it is self lit and it will not require any external power source. Though some manufacturers may install back up batteries, it is not necessary to use them. The life span of a radioactive exit sign is 10 to 20 years and that is why many people have opted to use it for its longevity. They can also be recycled by the manufacturers who will ship it back to you.

Customized exit signs made of radioactive substances

Radioactive exit signs come in many designs and models that you can choose from depending on your choice. They have also been customized and made attractive to the public. It is reliable and found effective everywhere it is used. The self luminous exit signs are approved by the Federal Authority for its use in lighting buildings since it produces low energy which is harmless. They are also considered very important when used in buildings because they direct safety exits in case of fire or any occurring emergencies.

Low maintenance

They require low maintenance and that is why they are a popular choice for lighting. Disposal of exit signs is done by the manufacturers. They will provide all the required services once you ship the expired exit signs to them. They can also recycle it and send it to you for a small fee. They also provide disposal instructions and packaging process when you purchase. If you are considerate of purchasing a health hazard exit sign then your best would be the radioactive exit sign. This saves you the overall cost of installation, maintenance, and eliminates the need for an electrician to install the fixture.

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