Radioactive Exit Sign - Features and Benefits

Do your premises have multiple exits or is the pathway to the exit confusing? It does not matter if your premise is residential, commercial or industrial. The Government has laid strict rules regarding the mounting of the exit signs in all pathways to guide the premise users to the nearest exit. This guidance becomes very important during the evacuation of the premises during any emergency. The exit signs are available in various models like the electrical and the self-luminous.

Models of radioactive exit signs

There are various models in the self luminous like the photo-luminescent sign and the most popular Tritium exit signs. The Tritium exit signs are commonly known as the radioactive exit signs. These signs are preferred as they have many unique features as compared to the other exit signs. Some of the unique features include ease in installation as these signs do not require any sort of electrical connections and hence no wiring is needed for the installation.


Fixing these exit signs also helps one in reducing the cost of the electricity bills and also in the maintenance department they do not bother one till they are not tampered with.

Explosion proof lighting

The radioactive exit sign is made from components that are non corrosive and explosion proof. The outer casement is made from the thermoplastic material that has the ability withstand very harsh environmental conditions as well as wide temperature fluctuation ranging from high of 176⁰C to -40⁰C.

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This frame is also able to withstand the onslaught of the combustible and explosive vapors, gases that may get accumulated in very hazardous environment.

Tritium exit signs

Tritium gas is filled in glass tubes that are so arranged in the casement so as to form words and signage of one’s choice. These are then covered with colored glass surface for giving the exit sign color codes like the red, black, white or green. These codes are very important as different color codes have to be installed as per the norms specified by the Government.

The casement has a face cover that is made from the polycarbonate and the edges are covered with gasket for sealing the fixture and protecting the glass tubes from any damage, thus making it tamper proof. The casement has brackets for installing the fixture at the necessary point which can be anywhere. It can be in closed space or in open space and at any level; even at those points that are not easily accessible as they do not require any maintenance.

Radioactive signage

The radioactive exit sign has a very long life span that ranges from 10 years to 20 years and hence till it is not damaged one can easily install it and forget about it till it is not damaged or its life span is not over. It is very easy to uninstall it also and does not require the services of an electrician to do so. One has to just take precaution that the fixture does not get damaged or if it is damaged the glass tubes are not.

If the glass tubes get damaged, one has to take appropriate precautions and inform the authorities also who would guide the user as to the security steps that would be required for his and those around him.

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