Radioactive Exit Signs Are Affordable

Radioactive Exit Signs On the Cheap

When you hear of radioactive exit signs, what first comes to mind is the illuminated exit sign that you see on buildings. They have become popular and have mostly been used in buildings especially in cities. Radioactive signs are self luminous and remain continuously lighted during the night. The effective lighting is visible only in the dark, hence its use at night. They are not visible during day because the lighting is not effective on broad day light. The exit signs are very reliable and cost effective since they do not require batteries, electrical wiring, or any external power source.


How they work

Radioactive exit signs use tritium gas for lighting. Tritium gas is a radioactive isotope that contains hydrogen. In the core of tritium you will find two neutrons and one proton. Protium, an abundant hydrogen isotope contains one proton and no neutrons. Tritium is a natural gas that occurs in the atmosphere, though very rarely. It is formed by the interaction of the atmosphere or produced by nuclear fission.

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Radioactive decay of tritium emits electrons and causes the phosphorus to glow. The visible glow results to the self lighting of the exit signs. The self luminous signs will have a life span of up to 20 years. That is why it is increasingly being used for its durability and its long services.

The exit signs are sealed with a glass tube in order to contain the tritium. The inside of the glass tube is coated with phosphor which produces the illumination when it reacts with tritium compounds.

Why radioactive exit sign?

If you are considering of purchasing an exit sign, the radioactive self luminous exit sign gives you enough reasons to pick it. The lighting of the exit sign is effective and constant. Radioactive signs have low energy and that is why they are recommended since they are safe to use. It is also cheap to use since it will not require any electrical wiring or battery for lighting. They can be installed anywhere; from small businesses to big buildings like the supermarket. Its installation is simple and does not require a professional or electrician for installation. They also do not require high maintenance and hence it will cut cost on your budget.

Visual Appeal

Manufactures of the radioactive exit signs have various designs that are made to be attractive to the public. Other signs can be either single or double sided that you can choose from. Their reliability is also a factor to consider. You don’t have to worry when there is any power blackout since it will remain lighted. You will also find exit signs with battery back up and remote capability. You can ask your manufacturer for the various designs and models before you purchase what you want.


Another advantage of using radioactive exit sign is that it can be recycled. Once it has reached its life span, you can contact your manufacturer and they will take the necessary precautions. They will also assist you in disposal of the exit sign once it has expired.

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