Reliable Self Luminous Exit Signs

Self Luminous Exit Signs are Reliable Option

Self luminous exit signs are one of the most reliable options for offering emergency management facility for public in cases of accidental fires and other emergencies in a cinema hall, auditorium or any closed public hall.


Importance of self luminous exit signs

The role of exit signs in emergency management is very important. In a closed dark hall at a sudden eruption of emergency, people may find it difficult to get the exit door. This will increase the danger and possibilities of stampede and life loss. By using tritium exit signs, we can offer a definite guide for the people trapped in such situation of emergency to reach towards the exit door easily so that they may get evicted from the precarious situation of emergency without any hassle.

Advantages of Self Luminous Exit Signs

While one can use traditional electric exit signs, the modern tritium exit signs will prove to be more advantageous and cheaper. The initial cost of electric exit signs is certainly lower than that of tritium exit signs. However, the maintenance cost of electric exit signs is much higher than self illuminating exit signs. Electric exit signs will require proper electric wiring, electricity and electric bulbs that may get fused every second month.

Thus you will have to spend money to pay the increased electric bill because of electric exit signs, you will also be required to regularly change the fused bulbs and this will prove to be quite costly. On the other hand, using self luminous exit signs is profitable because of almost nil expenditure on their maintenance. You will only need to clean their screen regularly to remove the dust that may reduce their luminosity or visibility.

Why Self Luminous Exit Signs are Safer

In case of electric exit signs, the whole electric wiring set up of these exit signs may themselves become the cause of an accidental electric firing. Even in case of simple fire accident, the electric wiring of these electric signs may catch fire and if this happens, these exit signs will stop working and will increase difficulties in getting out of the closed hall. Obviously, electric fire will prove to be more hazardous.

Tritium Exit Signs

If you are using tritium exit signs that do not use electricity as they are self illuminating, you will actually be reducing the chances of electric fire accident due to default in electric wiring. Also, even if there happens a fire accident somehow, since the tritium exit signs are self luminous and do not require any electricity, they will keep working even if the generator stops supplying any electricity. This is profitable as the exit signs will keep doing their job of providing proper direction for the trapped people to get out of the hall incessantly.

However, you need to be careful while mounting the self luminous exit signs on the exit door. These exit signs should be installed strongly so that they may not fall because of sudden pressure on the exit door.

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