Saving Energy With Self Luminous Exit Signs

Losing Money One Watt at a Time

When it comes to electricity, every watt matters to your overall energy bill. Standard electric exit signs require a small but constant amount of electricity to be supplied 24/7. If you added up the costs over the life of a self luminous exit sign's minimum lifespan (10 years), we are talking thousands of dollars!


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Imagine what you could do with all that leftover change: pizza parties, ice cream socials and other building-wide functions that bring different offices together. As a building owner or property manager, look for quality versus quantity when it comes to exit signs.

Getting a self powered exit sign may seem a little more expensive than LED units, but these costs are purposely deceiving. In this article we will talk about the real cost of buying a cheap LED sign over long lasting SL signs.

Initial Installation

Before you even get to turn on an electronic exit sign, you'll need a conduit or junction box installed which will supply AC power to the unit. This requires you to call an electrician, and their rates are usually not cheap, unless your uncle Ernesto will agree to work for free.

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Typically electricians will quote you a ridiculously low price. When it comes time to install the conduits, he may give you a totally new price plus the added cost of parts.

Maintenance Costs

Now you've got your exit signs installed, but you need to keep them running. Guess it's time to call uncle Ernesto again, because you're going to need a dedicated maintenance person to conduct monthly and yearly checks. This cost alone adds up more than the energy bill and installation cost when looking at it over 8 years.

Energy Star Self Luminous Exit Signs

All of these costs, when added up, far exceed the cost of a self luminous exit sign. Best of all, the Environmental Protection Agency has awarded our signs the Energy Star seal, only given to exit signs that operate on less than 5 watts of electricity.

Because SL signs work without any electricity at all, they immediately qualify of this certification while meeting every single benchmark required of LED exit signs.

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