Self Illuminated Exit Sign Safety Benefits

Self illuminated exit signs are cost effective, maintenance-free, easy to install, but most importantly, they are reliable. In the exit sign world, reliability equals safety. They go beyond building and fire codes regulations to provide superior safety by eliminating components that are known to break down and require replacements. Although self illuminated exit signs do not require monthly and yearly maintenance, they are constructed in such a way that makes them impervious to malfunction. By eliminating the backup battery pack and bulbs, self illuminated exit signs are virtually unbreakable.

Once the self illuminated exit sign is installed, it requires no maintenance because there are no components that can break. This means that if there is an emergency, the self illuminated exit sign is always ready to guide the building's occupants to the nearest exit. Standard electric exit signs require monthly and yearly tests to make sure the backup battery pack is still charging. In theory this should be diligently carried out, but can sometimes be forgotten or disregarded.

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If an exit sign fails to illuminate during an emergency, lawsuit can be filed against the owner of the building, or even worse, people can get injured. The self illuminated exit sign is always ready. If the letters are glowing green, it will provide illumination with or without power, under normal conditions or during a power outage.

Customizing Self Luminous Exit Signs

Self luminous exit signs can also be customized in several ways to increase the facility's safety rating. Because tritium can be configured in almost any shape or size, the self luminous exit sign can display your choice of symbols or words for international applications. Exit signs outside of North America most commonly feature a running man pointing towards the direction of the exit instead of the word EXIT. Self luminous exit signs can also be outfitted with arrows to indicate which way the nearest point of egress is. This is useful for hallways and corridors that do not have an obvious path to an exit location.

Self Luminous Exit Sign Safety and Housing

Although tritium is a radioactive isotope of hydrogen, it is completely safe for commercial applications. The tritium is housed in shatter-proof borosilicate glass glass to ensure its safety at all times. The self luminous exit sign also features a thermoplastic housing that is light, durable, and will stand up to moderate abuse both indoors and outdoors. These features make the self luminous exit sign a perfect fixture to install and forget about, ensuring reliable exit sign illumination for up to 20 years.

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