Self Illuminated Exit Signs VS. Electrical Signs

Self Illuminated Exit Signs VS. Electrical Signs

Since it is law that buildings follow certain codes and one of these codes is to have luminous exit signs that point the way for people to get out of buildings, in the case of an emergency it is very important that you do your research on what kind of exit signs may be best for your business. Self luminous exit signs are being used increasingly in US buildings because they are more cost effective and safer than traditionally electric powered signs. Since the self illuminated sign does not use electricity and is harder to damage, there are many benefits to using this type of sign for your building. One obvious advantage to using these types of signs is that they will eliminate the electricity costs of running electric signs. In addition the installation of these devices is lower costing than for electric signs. This is because electric signs often require an electrician in order to install them while using a self illuminated one only requires a maintenance worker or other unlicensed professional. These benefits to owning the self luminous exit signs encourage many to see buying them as an investment that will work in their favor.


Tritium Powered

The most efficient self illuminating type of exit sign that can be found on the market today are those that use tritium as a power medium. Tritium is a gas that glows when it is radiated. After this gas has been radiated manufacturers pump it into a glass tube that is bent into the letters that spell “exit” in order to make these signs. Though these types of signs can often be more expensive than the electric powered ones the advantages they bring to the table make them well worth it to the people that purchase them for businesses both big and small. In addition the self luminous sign is an ideal safety product in the event of an emergency because they can be seen better than other signs. Whether a building suffers from a blackout or a fire the sign can be a great asset in these types of events.

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Where to Buy

Another aspect of the self luminous sign is that since it is a popular item for many businesses you can get it in a variety of designs and colors. Many manufacturers can personalize these signs in many different languages for your needs as well. This can be ideal for businesses such as bars or restaurants. If you want to get one of these signs then there are a variety of places online in which you can do this but it is often important to shop around for the best prices. In addition to this if you are getting a sign that needs to fit government regulations then it is important that you keep this in mind when ordering from some sites. In addition there may be sites that can offer you discounts on this product if you need to purchase a bulk order so you may want to consider asking about this before you place an order.

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