Self Illuminated Exit Signs Vs Standard Exit Signs

Self illuminated exit signs provide a number of advantages over standard bulb-lit emergency signs. They require no power source or backup battery pack. They can be installed in almost any environment, both indoor and outdoor. And most importantly, self illuminated exit signs will save you money almost immediately. These fixtures cut costs on energy consumed per year, eliminate the need for an electrician, and never require you to purchase a new battery. 


Business, hospitals, and schools love self illuminated exit signs because they do not require a detailed installation procedure. To mount a self illuminated exit sign, simply use the included mounting bracket to back or side-mount it to a nonflammable surface. That is all the installation that is required. No wiring. No electrician. No need to turn off all power in the facility. From the moment the self illuminated exit sign is installed, building and fire codes are immediately satisfied. Because these fixtures mount in about 15 minutes, a tremendous amount of time is saved when installing several on every story of a high rise building, for example. They are so easy to mount that a certified electrician doesn't need to be contracted. Anyone who can operate a drill on a basic level can install a self illuminated exit sign. 

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Although self illuminated exit signs cost slightly more than standard exit signs, they save money immediately on installation costs and in the long term by requiring no power. LED powered exit signs may consume less than 5 watts of electricity at all times, but these self illuminated exit signs consume 0 watts of electricity at all times. The increased price of the self illuminated exit sign is offset by the long-term savings earned by zero power expenses. 

Self Illuminated Exit Signs Indoor and Outdoor

Most exit signs that are going to be used outdoors or in freezing temperatures require special housing and an internal heater to remain operational in harsh environments. These fixtures can be expensive and bulky. Not the self illuminated exit sign. Because it contains no electrical components, this fixture can be used in wet locations and freezing environments the way it is configured right out of the box. this also means that it can be installed in outdoor locations that are difficult to reach or do not have AC power.

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When compared to standard exit signs, the myriad of benefits offered by the self illuminated exit sign push it over the top. It is so cost effective for several different reasons that the choice to go self illuminated is clear. For more information or to request a quote, email us or call 800-480-0707 to speak with customer support. 

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