Self Illuminated Tritium Exit Signs

Self Illuminated Tritium Exit Signs

When shopping for exit signs for your business or other establishment, we recommend skipping all the rest and going straight for self illuminated tritium exit signs. These signs are, quite simply, the best currently on the market today, and there is absolutely no reason to waste any time or money on the competition that really can’t compete at all. In order to help you make the smart decision of choosing self illuminated tritium exit signs, we’ve listed just a few of the special features and qualities that make self illuminated tritium exit signs stand out above the rest.


They Last Forever:

Okay, so maybe self illuminated tritium exit signs don’t really last forever, but it sure seems that way when compared to the all too brief lifespan of electric powered and battery powered exit signs. While those signs last only five or six years, on average, with lots of repairs and required maintenance along the way, high quality self illuminated tritium exit signs can easily last you for twenty years without any work at all on your part. For a cheaper price when trying to save money, you can also opt for ten year self illuminated tritium exit signs, but we strongly recommend paying the slightly higher fee and getting a much longer lifespan out of your sign.

Say Bye-Bye to Batteries and Bulbs:

Hands down, the biggest hassle of owning a battery operated or electrically powered exit sign is having to keep it running! Changing batteries, recharging batteries, replacing light bulbs, and plugging the cord of the sign into and out of the wall are all daily pains owners of these outdated signs have to deal with. Save yourself the trouble with self illuminated tritium exit signs. The only “work” they require is being hung up; after that, you won’t have to bother with them again!

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  1. They’ve Got Your Back in Emergencies:

    If the power goes out and you’re relying on an electrically operated exit sign to help you and others find the way out, you’re out of luck! Even with battery operated signs, you’re only going to have light until that battery dies. With self illuminated tritium exit signs, however, you don’t have a thing to worry about. As long as it’s dark inside, you’ll be able to easily see the glow of the sign and find the way to safety.

  2. They’re Affordable:

    You might expect something as good as illuminated tritium exit signs to cost a small fortune, but they’re actually quite affordable. While they are slightly more expensive upfront than electrical or battery operated signs, remember that you won’t have to pay for accessories to make the sign work, for installation, or for a higher electricity bill as a result of that sign usage. So, paying that little extra bit upfront can actually save you quite a bit over time. Plus, if you buy online, you can enjoy a very wide selection and the greatest deals around.

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