Self Illuminating Exit Sign Purpose

Purpose of Self Illuminating Exit Signs

The main purpose of self illuminating exit sign is to provide an emergency safety management to help people get out of a closed cinema hall, auditorium etc. during an emergency or accidental fire. 

However, apart from fulfilling this primary motive of exit signs, self illuminating exit signs also offer a chance to reduce your energy consumption and hence they leads towards eco-friendly management. Importance of exit signs at public places is quite evident. Exit signs can offer guidance towards the exit door so that people may safely get out of a closed hall during an emergency.

Benefits of Using Self Illuminating Exit Signs

Tritium exit signs are a little costlier than simple electric exit signs. However, the maintenance cost of tritium exit signs is almost negligible. On the other hand, the maintenance cost of electric exit signs is higher. Tritium exit signs are durable and they don’t use electricity, hence; they won’t increase the load of electric bill. Furthermore, unlike electric exit signs, you won’t be required to change the bulbs of tritium exit signs. Bulbs of electric exit signs often fuse out and require replacement. Adding the maintenance costs, one can say that tritium exit signs are cheaper than electric exit signs.

In addition, tritium exit signs do not use any electricity so they help in keeping your carbon footprints under control. Thus, self illuminating exit signs are cheaper and they are eco friendly and hence they are becoming more popular. Self luminous exit signs are durable and dependable.

During the cases of fire evacuation, common electric exit signs may fail to work because of power failure. In many cases, fire accidents occur because of faulty generators that lead to a power failure and in such cases, the electric exit signs stops working by themselves. To solve this issue, one may use electric signs working on batteries but these batteries may also cause fire. On the other hand, tritium exit signs or photoluminescent exit signs can work without any electricity or battery and they cannot cause any fire and hence, these self illuminating exit signs are considered as most dependable.

Photoluminescent exit signs are preferred because unlike tritium exit signs, they do not contain any toxic element. Photo luminescent exit signs are recyclable and can easily be disposed of. On the other hand, it is necessary to remain careful while disposing of tritium exit signs because tritium is a harmful gas. Yet, tritium exit signs are cheaper and because of easy and safe tritium disposal processes, tritium exit signs are gaining popularity.

Self illuminating exit signs are economically profitable if used and they are eco-friendly and helps in reducing one’s carbon footprints, yet it is necessary to remain cautious while installing these tritium exit signs. They should be mounted strongly and properly on the exit door so that no sudden force on the door may cause a fall of these tritium exit signs.

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