Self Illuminating Exit Signs

Self Illuminating Exit Signs are Most Reliable

Self illuminating exit signs are often considered as eco-friendly exit signs that will help you to mitigate emergency if it occurs. Exit signs are used to offer guidance for the public trapped in a closed hall suffering a fire existence towards the exit door.

Often electric exit signs are used for this purpose but the self luminous exit signs are becoming popular these days and it is a good sign.

Why to Use Self Illuminating Exit Signs?

One can use traditional exit signs which work on bulbs, electric wiring and electricity. While these signs will also offer good service and they may appear cheaper for their purchase value, but you will have to go through the burden of maintenance of electric wiring, bulbs and the electric bill. Self luminous electric signs such as tritium exit signs or photovoltaic exit signs can be used for the same purpose and you won’t be required to change bulbs every now and then.

Self luminous exit signs are durable and hence they appear to be cheaper than traditional electric exit signs in longer run because such exit signs won’t cause expenses of changing fused bulbs and electric bills. Another advantage of using self illuminating exit signs is the fact that they are eco-friendly. Since electricity is not used by these exit signs, they conserve energy. This helps the cause of environmentalism and global warming. Also, these exit signs saves you from the tussles of electric wiring.

Photo luminescent exit signs are considered better than tritium based self illuminating exit signs for some obvious reasons. Photo luminescent exit signs don’t use any hazardous material and hence it is easy to dispose the old exit signs. On the other hand, tritium exit signs are based on radioactivity of tritium. While tritium is not as dangerous radioactive material as radium is, yet if a person comes close to tritium and inhales it, he may face lethal consequences.

Both photo luminescent exit signs and tritium exit signs are eco-friendly but it is important to carefully dispose the tritium exit signs otherwise they may release harmful tritium in environment. Both types of exit signs are delicate and hence, you need to be extra cautious while mounting them on the door. Install these exit signs properly so that they may sustain the sudden bump and pressure on the door when people try to exit out of the hall. This is necessary because if tritium based self illuminating exit signs fall and break, the tritium gas may get released and may cause serious repercussions.

Despite of these little issues that requires caution, photo luminescent exit signs and tritium exit signs are much better option than the traditional electric exit signs and they appear to be cheaper too because you won’t need to spend money on electric bill and maintenance. It is easier to maintain self illuminating exit signs as it will require regular dusting to keep them shiny.

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