Self Lit Exit Sign

Self Lit Exit Sign

If you have any experience with using traditional exit signs, then you probably already know what a huge pain they can be! If you don’t, however, just imagine having to constantly keep an eye on your sign or, in a larger building, several signs to make sure that they are working properly. Signs that run on batteries constantly need to have their batteries replaced. Electrical powered signs are often costly and need to have their bulbs changed very frequently. With regular exit signs like these, you can never really forget about the signs and just let them do their job! Instead, you have to be always on top of things, making sure your signs are working properly. If they’re not, you could find yourself facing heavy fines or, worst of all, causing one of your clients or visitors to be injured or unable to find the exit in a time of need.



Fortunately, there is a better and easier way to meet your exit sign needs! By choosing to purchase a self lit exit sign instead of one of the traditional models described above, you can simply hang your signs where they need to go and then forget about them! A self lit exit sign doesn’t require batteries, electrical power, or anything else in order to work. It simply glows all on its own, in any weather or temperature, indoors or outdoors, for a very long time! The average self lit exit sign, in fact, is made to last for at least ten years, with many models working for twenty years or more.

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Self Lit Exit Signs Save You Money

While it is true that a self lit exit sign will be a bit more expensive than the standard types of signs described above, you’ll soon find that it’s well worth the small extra cost! Not only will you enjoy more peace of mind and convenience than you would otherwise, but you’ll also save money by not having to buy additional batteries or battery chargers and light bulbs, and by the lowered cost of your utility bill! So, spending that small amount of extra money for a self lit exit sign is actually a very smart investment.


You can get a self lit exit sign in a wide variety of different designs. Many colors, styles, and more are available, so you can always find a sign to blend right in with the décor of your establishment. For the widest range of choice and the best, most affordable prices on these great signs, be sure that you do your shopping online. While office and other supply stores will typically cost you a bundle and most likely won’t have the exact sign you want, the net offers a wealth of opportunities for finding, choosing, and affordably purchasing the sign or signs that you need. You can even get awesome deals on shipping when buying online, especially if you buy in bulk. So, make sure that your next exit sign is a self lit exit sign and that you buy it online!

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