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If you have come to this page, that means you are considering the purchase of a self luminous exit sign. This also means you are smart too because SL fixtures remain a largely unknown alternative to traditional LED exit signs.


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The reason for this ignorance is simple - people quickly disavow what they don't know. We all know how the basics of an LED luminary, which operates like any light. But a self powered exit sign that stays lit for over a decade without using a single watt of power just seems like black magic.

The secret behind self powered exit signs are the tiny glass tubes containing tritium mounted within the impact-resistant housing. Tritium is a hydrogen gas that is green in color and naturally glows, much like a neon chemical light.

Self Powered Exit Sign Construction

SL exit signs are built with a die-cast aluminum housing that is highly resistant to water and moisture. A clear, impact-resistant polycarbonate lens covers the 'exit' lettering, making these simple signs very robust. There are no switches or wiring included with the unit's housing.

SL signs can be employed in most indoor and outdoor environments including:

  • Schools
  • Parking lots
  • Indoors where an electrical conduit or j-box has not been installed
  • Industrial locations where flammable gas, vapors or dust are produced
  • Un-powered sheds or bungalows not part of the primary facility
  • Offshore oil platforms
  • Merchant and Naval oceangoing vessels
  • Outdoor locations as cold as -5° F

How to Activate a Self Luminous Exit Sign

"So if there is no switch, how do I turn it on?" The answer is you don't. SL signs will glow the second you take them out of the box. During the day when there is sufficient lighting, you will barely notice the sign is even on. However the unit will glow brightly the second power goes out.

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Installation takes only a couple minutes. Before calling it a day, however, turn the lights off in the immediate area. If you can see the exit signs lettering nice and brightly from 100 feet away, then you've got a fully-functioning fixture!


If you still have questions concerning your exit sign needs, don't hesitate to call the pros at SLES today. Our toll-free number is 800-379-1129.

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