Self Luminous Exit Sign Aesthetics

Self Luminous Exit Signs are Fashionable

Self luminous exit signs are becoming more common and fashionable in public facilities like movie theaters, auditoriums, indoor stadiums, and similar closed halls where a big number of people gather to celebrate. These exit signs are important for their purpose of emergency management and control. Without proper exit signs, a closed hall for public gathering may prove to be dangerous. There are a number of types of exit signs available for purchase such as electric exit signs, tritium exit signs, and photo luminescent exit signs.


Why Use Self Luminous Exit Signs?

Tritium exit signs are self luminous exit signs. They are the better option because they can and do work without using any electricity. This is possible because of the tritium which is a radioactive isotope of hydrogen. This radioactive tritium makes these tritium exit signs self illuminating in that they require no electricity for illumination. This makes for a cost effective and visually appealing fixture. It is profitable because no electricity will be consumed and your electricity bill will inevitably be lowered. Also, tritium exit signs do not use electric bulbs that may get burnt out. You will not be required to check and replace the fused bulbs every month and year. Tritium gas makes these exit signs more affordable and cheaper despite the fact that the initial cost is slightly higher than traditional electric exit signs.

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Affordable Self Luminous Exit Signs

Self luminous exit signs are cheaper because their maintenance cost is almost zero. You will just have to keep the screen of tritium exit signs clean and clear as this will increase or maintain their visibility in the dark. On the other hand, the maintenance charge of electric exit signs is much more than that of tritium exit signs. Tritium exit signs will not contribute to your electricity bill in any way because they do not use electricity. There are no bulbs to replace, no battery pack to maintain, and no electrical connections that can deteriorate over time. 

Advantages of Self Luminous Exit Signs

In case of fire, this electric wiring may itself get burnt and that will cause the electric exit signs to fail. Since self luminous exit signs do not need electric wiring, they won’t catch fire nor will they stop working even if there is a short circuit to stop all electric supply.

Another advantage of tritium exit signs is the fact that they are eco friendly. As no electricity is used, they reduce your electric consumption and electric bill, reducing your carbon footprint, which is a step further towards a greener Earth. This is one of the most important advantages of using these visually appealing tritium exit signs. In fact, these exit signs are considered fashionable because they are a greener option. Self luminous exit signs are greener, safer, more reliable, and cheaper exit signs.

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