Self Luminous Exit Sign Installation

Every establishment whether commercial or dealing in hazardous substances has many exits that the employees or the customers may not be aware of. Hence they all require exit signs to guide the user to the nearest exit especially during emergencies. Nowadays there are two types of exit signs available in the market: the electrical and the self-luminous exit signs. Though both are equally beneficial, both have their own benefits though the benefits of the self luminous exit sign outweighs the electrical exit signs.

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Installing self luminous exit signs

The outstanding feature of the self luminous exit sign is its eco-friendliness. A major feature of this sign is that it saves your installation costs. As no electricity is required to glow, one is saved from the wiring costs. Another major feature when you install this exit sign is that you save on electricity bill in long run even if you had been using those electric exit sign using low wattage.


Moreover the self luminous exit signs do not use any bulbs that may get fused requiring maintenance. So you need not worry about the fluctuation in the power supply. So you can safely state that the sign not only saves installation and electricity costs, but also eradicates the need for any replacement of the bulbs. Depending upon the model, the exit sign has a life span of 10 15, 20 or 25 years. Thus, one can easily say: install it and forget about it.

No electricity and installation

As they do not use electricity, there are zero chances of it being the source of ignition in the highly combustible or volatile environment. Thus one can safely use it in even highly hazardous environment. The self luminous exit sign uses a form of hydrogen molecule that is naturally glowing and is commonly known as Tritium.

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This hydrogen gas is encased in the glass tubes that are made from the borosilicate and are shatterproof. These tubes are then arranged to form the ‘EXIT’ word. These glass tubes are then enclosed in the housing that is thermoplastic and impact resistant able to withstand a wide range of temperature that ranges from as high as 176⁰ C to as low as -40⁰ C.

Harsh environments

This wide range of temperature again goes in its favor as it attains the ability to withstand harsh environment, thus making it an ideal choice even for open spaces. Its faceplate is made from 1/8” thick polycarbonate that protects the face stencil that is colored and the tritium glass tubes and as also allowing one to see the sign easily. Thermoplastic frame then encloses the fixture with all its components. This type of framing makes it waterproof and dust proof also. A mounting bracket is then fixed to the frame for the easy installation. The exit sign is available in black, red, green or white face color, while the frame color is usually black or white.

Self luminous exit sign features

All these features of the self luminous exit sign make it an ideal choice for indoor as well as outdoor installations. It can be installed at high as well as low levels quite easily. Moreover as it does not require any wiring, one can install it in those places also, (whether indoors or outdoors) where it is impossible or risky to do any wiring.

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