Self Luminous Exit Sign On the Cheap

Self Luminous Exit Sign On the Cheap

Exit signs are very useful in public buildings and other large gathering places. The self luminous exit sign has become the most preferred choice by many establishment owners and caretakers. Exit signs are especially useful during times of emergency, indicating to members of the public who may not be familiar with a building's exits. Not only are they useful during an emergency, they are also important to give exit direction to a building’s visitors.


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Features of self-luminous signs

The emergence of the self luminous exit sign has meant that the use of those that rely on electricity has reduced drastically. Self luminous signs do not require electricity to either operate or for charging since they do not feature any batteries. Instead, they rely on tritium gas. This is a radioactive isotope of hydrogen that is obtained from nuclear power plants as a by-product. The tritium gas glows naturally, in effect producing light. This eliminates varied costs associated with battery powered signs, such as maintenance and electricity costs.

Popularity of exit signs

Unlike with battery-powered exist signs, self luminous signs can be installed anywhere, a fact that has made the same very popular. They can be installed both internally and externally regardless of the weather. Furthermore, they do not cost much to install because they do not feature any cumbersome installation structures. Varied models of the self luminous exit sign are available in different sizes that building owners, caretakers and principle contractors can choose from.

Battery powered exit signs

Safety is usually a concern in both public buildings and outdoor public areas. Installation of self luminous signs is definitely safer than installing battery-powered signs. The electricity used to charge batteries present a degree of risk however small that may be. This is certainly not the case with a self luminous sign. The fact that it is powered by tritium gas does not present any safety concern. Although tritium remains radioactive, the same is incapable of penetrating human skin.

Efficiency and prices

Reliability and efficiency are important factors considered by contractors when putting up signs on a building. The self luminous exit sign certainly fits the bill. The tritium gas is continuously produced through radioactivity, meaning that the sign continuously illuminates, with a long lifespan of up to 20 years. The sign is also environmentally friendly as it can be taken back to a manufacturer for recycling after its expiration.

Safe handling of self-illumination exit signs

The fact that the tritium used in self luminous signs is radioactive means that the same must be handled with care and disposed off safely when they expire. To ensure that this is adhered to, manufactures are required to obtain the necessary licensing and approval before they can embark on manufacturing the same. All manufacturers are required to properly educate buyers on safe handling of the signs and regulations that pertain to the same. They are also required to maintain a database of all buyers, including name, residence and date of purchase. Consumers (buyers) of the self luminous exit sign too have regulatory responsibilities. They are not supposed to remove any labeling or symbol from the same. Transferring the same to another person is also prohibited.

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