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Customize Your Self Luminous Exit Sign

When you look at them, self luminous exit signs are pretty much identical. The only differences might be background color and whether the sign is single or double sided. And though lifespans vary on different models, you won't notice just by looking at the sign.


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However we offer a number of other sign options you can order by calling us at 800-379-1129 . Below are just some of the options available to our self-luminous customers.

Model Type

Single-Sided Signs - Best for wall mounted signs above doors or in hallways along the egress path. The exit legend can only be viewed from one side and has an aluminum backplate.

Double-Sided Signs - Ideal for T-junctions where personnel on either side converge to exit a given facility. Exit legends can be seen on either side of the fixture.

Frame Colors

Standard self-luminous signs are built with a strong die-cast aluminum housing and a clear polycarbonate lens covering the exit face. The outer frame comes standard in an unpainted brushed aluminum finish.

Colors can include:

    • Bronze
    • White¬†
    • Black
    • Custom colors*

Stencil Color

When constructing self powered exit signs, a stencil is placed in between the glowing tritium tubes and the polycarbonate lens. This stencil contains the knocked-out 'exit' lettering and two directional chevron knockouts.

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UL mandates only certain colors be used that contrast and enhance the neon-green tritium glow.

Stencil colors are available in:

    • Red
    • Green
    • Black
    • White
    • Custom colors*

*For custom colors, we encourage you to call us at 800-379-1129 or email the exact color you want.

Lexan Stencil Cover

Customers can exchange the generic polycarbonate lens with Lexan panels, nationally recognized as a polycarbonate base with the strongest polymers available. This will increase the exit sign's durability, offering a stronger degree of vandal resistance.

Custom Wording

This option allows you to custom order the words etched in the stencil. Practically any word or symbol can be ordered, including:

  • Salida - for Spanish speakers
  • Also available in all languages
  • Bi-lingual - Exit will be written in two languages on the same stencil
  • 'Running Man' - internationally recognized pictogram

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